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Union Roofing Now Offers Chimney Services


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/26/2012 -- The roofing company of Philadelphia is proud to announce their chimney services for homeowners who have not yet prepared their chimney for the cold winter months. The Union Roofing professionals will be able to inspect a homeowner’s chimney to evaluate the condition and determine if there are any changes that need to be addressed to increase its performance. The roofers of Philadelphia will ensure that the chimney is also safe and efficient enough to operate for the upcoming winter months.

Union Roofing understands that some homeowners depend on their chimney or wood-burning stove to keep their home warm. They strive to educate homeowners the importance of waterproofing and restoring a chimney even if it’s not being used. No matter how big or small the chimney may be, the roofers in Philadelphia will repair any masonry or roof leaks near the chimney.

With their knowledgeable experience in guidelines and chimney standards, they can be repaired correctly the first time so there are no problems in the midst of the winter season. The roofing company in Philadelphia will assure and educate all homeowners of the preventative measures that can be taken place to make sure any rain, snow or moisture is not defecting one’s chimney efficiency. Since the Philadelphia area can get quite cold during the winter season, it is important to maintain a clean chimney, as it may be an essential to heating one’s home.

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