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Unique Amino Acid IV Therapy at Detox of South Florida Speeds Recovery Process


Okeechobee, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/28/2016 -- The IV therapy at Detox of South Florida offers individuals cutting edge technology for detoxification to begin the rehab process. Amino Acid IV Therapy is available to clients at the main rehab facility in Florida.

"We are very proud to be one of the first detox facilities in the nation to offer a cutting edge new IV amino acid detox treatment for those suffering from alcohol and drug abuse," said Dr. Vikram, president of Detox of South Florida.

The human body utilizes 23 different amino acids as the building blocks of protein to repair the body and maintain optimal functioning. Amino Acid IV therapy provides the body with the raw materials needed for a quicker and more effective detoxification process that boosts the body's own abilities to enhance long-term sobriety.

It's effective for drug and alcohol detoxification, offering one of the most rapid processes available. The therapy provides balance to neurotransmitters in the brain that's disrupted with the use of drugs and alcohol.

Detox of South Florida is among a few select treatment centers across the nation that offer the revolutionary treatment. The IV Amino Acid Therapy at Florida Drug Rehab Center has a 70 percent recovery rate for multiple nutritional deficiencies. The therapy helps repair damaged proteins in the body and provides the brain with essential chemicals it craves.

The Florida Drug Rehab Center is a premiere facility with one of the best success rates in the industry, providing each client with the personal attention and treatment that best meets their needs and situation. An addiction to drugs or alcohol requires specialized assistance to overcome. The center offers in-patient and out-patient programs, along with educational programs to aid family members to cope with a loved one's addiction and treatment.

A variety of additional treatment services are available that includes mental health and substance abuse treatment, group therapy, and animal assisted therapy. Individual assessments and behavioral and pain care services are also offered.

The Amino Acid Intravenous Therapy available at provides clients with one of the fastest and most effective detox therapies available for drug and alcohol addiction. Long-term sobriety is attainable and the first step on the road to recovery is the IV therapy at Detox of South Florida.

About Detox of South Florida
Detox of South Florida was voted as the best drug rehab facility in 2016 by Consumer Affairs. The center accepts most insurance policies and out-of-state patients, offering the latest detox programs for heroin, cocaine, alcohol and other addictions.

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