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Unique, Compelling and in-Your-Face: NuJack Preachers Calls All Christians to Action

From Tommy L. Moore-Duff Sr., this rousing book challenges Christians to become more active in their own communities and get into the ‘trenches’ with him and his peers.


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/18/2014 -- Told as a child that he was “dumb, stupid and would never amount to anything”, Tommy L. Moore-Duff Sr. went on to not only prove his naysayers incorrect, but to become an overwhelmingly positive force in his community, and other communities worldwide.

For the first time, Moore-Duff Sr. is sharing his innovative vision in his new book, ‘NuJack Preachers: A Call to Biblical Discipleship and Unity in the Church’. Already an example to Christians worldwide, Moore-Duff Sr. has been praised for his deep commitment to God, and his never-ending quest to use his life in the service of the Church.

Throughout the text, Moore-Duff Sr. offers readers a glimpse into his own past, from growing up in abject poverty to now living and working as the Founder and CEO of NuWine CC Ministries / Bridge Purpose Center. The focus of his ministry is to build bridges across the racial and socioeconomic divides, within the religious and non-religious sectors of the community.

Twenty-five years after first surrendering his life to Christ, Moore-Duff Sr. still remembers his days as a thirteen-year-old contemplating suicide, and his subsequent talent on the basketball court. It was only when his brother invited him to the Chicago Gospel Youth Center that Moore-Duff Sr.’s life took a dramatic turn and he became irrevocably changed.

“When I finally opened the door to Jesus, He began to teach me and show me things that I had never fathomed were possible,” says the author. “Since that day, I’ve traveled across the world to places like Mexico, Brazil, Bolivia and Kenya. I’ve spread a message of love and unity, and I’ve done so in order to challenge and inspire the church to come together without barriers. No matter race or class or gender – every person deserves a chance.”

Early praise for ‘NuJack Preachers’ has been tremendously positive, with Christian leaders appreciating Moore-Duff Sr.’s no-nonsense approach and passionate heart.

“I consider Tommy L Moore-Duff St, to be the original Nu-Jack Preacher,” wrote Pastor Jerald January Sr. of the Vernon Park Church of God. “He believes it's time for this generation of men and women to break out of the crowd that seem to believe there's no longer a loving God, and to prove itself. This volume is both entertaining and challenging. I dare you to read it and try to remain neutral!”

“In NuJack Preachers, Tommy L. Moore-Duff Sr., delivers the ways and means to take a Biblically aggressive attitude toward the battle for people's souls. Using his experience as a veteran inner-city minister as a unique backdrop, Moore-Duff offers a challenge to all Christians to bring back covenant moral ethics, conciliation, reconciliation, purity, courage, and accountability,” wrote Steve Wamberg, Director of Communications, Springs Rescue Mission, Colorado Springs, CO.

Moore-Duff Sr. is a widely recognizable speaker, who travels across the United States advocating for holistic ministry programs for children, youth and their families. Embracing diversity, Moore-Duff Sr. works across cultures and divides to unify communities torn apart by violence, distrust, racism and sexism.

“In ‘NuJack Preachers’, I show others how to take the theoretical to the pragmatic,” says the author. “It’s vital to not only believe – but to act.”

‘NuJack Preachers: A Call to Biblical Discipleship and Unity in the Church’ is due for imminent release.

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ISBN: 9781629524702

For more information about Tommy L. Moore-Duff Sr.’s work, please visit the official website for his organization, NuWine CC Ministries / Bridge Purpose Center.

About Tommy L. Moore-Duff Sr.
It was at the Chicago Gospel Youth Center, in Chicago, Illinois, that Tommy surrendered his life to God through the person of Jesus Christ. Since then, he has spoken and developed ministry nationwide in places like Chicago, Colorado, and Washington DC and Internationally in Mexico, Brazil, Bolivia, and Kenya. Tommy has been led to challenge the church, to unify and provide relevant holistic ministry for the family, especially children and youth.

Tommy is a graduate of Fuller Theological Seminary where he earned his MA in Christian Leadership. He currently serves as Church Mobilizer with World Relief DuPage/Aurora. He builds partnerships based on Kingdom principles with the local church in the ministry of resettlement for Refugees and Immigrants.