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Unique Drug Detox Program in Napa Valley Delivers Detox and Recovery Prep Video Channel


Saint Helena, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/14/2013 -- Dr. Wall’s Detox and Recovery Prep Program in St. Helena, CA, one of the leading Physician owned and managed drug detox programs, has announced their “Detox and Recovery Prep Program” video channel on YouTube. The channel will feature videos of their nationally acclaimed detox program and Concierge Aftercare Program.

There are successful drug detox centers in the Napa Valley region, though Dr. Wall’s program is unique in that he personally oversees each patient’s Detox and Treatment Plan.  He’s physically there to monitor each patient’s progress.  Using the most current evidence based therapies, his extensive team of Doctors, nurses, counselors and consultants help residents develop an individualized treatment plan for continued sobriety. This way, detox withdrawal symptoms are safely and comfortably managed and the patient is physically and mentally prepared for ongoing treatment they claim.

Owner and on-site physician, Dr. Norman Wall D.O. shares; "Families come to me scared, uninformed, confused, vulnerable and desperate. They want answers to their drug and alcohol treatment questions. They see that I can give them the drug and alcohol rehab answers they need and I am determined to help them turn their lives around and obtain long term sobriety. For those wanting an introduction, we invite them to our new YouTube video channel that gives a good preview."

Here's an example of one of the videos getting shared across the web:

As a Professor of Medicine and an Addiction Physician, Dr. Wall strives to help clients be better and smarter at managing their drug or alcohol addiction. This is quite a big deal in the addiction treatment community. Many detox programs in California are offered without proper attention given to the individual needs of each patient during and after the medical detox. If a crisis occurs, many have to wait for a local physician to arrive there without any understanding of the situation. Dr. Wall’s program offers an around-the-clock, 100% medically supervised environment.

In addition, Dr. Wall’s program goes a step further in making sure the best options are understood for the next phase in the individual’s recovery process. They explain that during their “Recovery Prep” phase of care, the clinical staff assists patients in determining the most appropriate next step to lifelong abstinence and recovery. Those in need of an addiction treatment program that creates customized, evidence based treatment plans can discover more at their website here:

Dr. Wall explains; “Behind every person with a substance addiction are family, friends and loved ones who are also suffering. Each situation is unique and requires a different approach to treatment and a focus on long-term recovery. The longer they stay in treatment, the more successful they are. Each person with an addiction also has primary-care medical needs that other non-physician-owned programs simply do not address. That’s why I have dedicated my career to helping people with addictions achieve healthier lifestyles for long-term recovery and greater success in life.”

The recovery team explains that working personally and directly with a physician and clinical team while one is detoxifying from substance abuse ensures this difficult process is safe and comfortable. They believe this unique, hands on approach gets patients stable physically and mentally to receive the most positive outcomes moving forward.

This innovative detox and addiction treatment supportive care home is located in St. Helena, California in the Napa Valley. This unique, supportive care home also serves the communities of Napa Valley, St. Helena, Calistoga, Sacramento, the San Francisco Bay Area, North Bay, East Bay, South Bay and Reno, Nevada. You can schedule a consultation personally with Dr. Wall Today.

About Dr. Wall’s At At-Home Drug Treatment
Dr. Wall’s At At-Home Drug Treatment The only physician-owned drug treatment program in Northern California providing personalized care when and where you need it. To discover more unique videos, visit the YouTube channel by going here now:

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