Unique Online Platform ForwdFund Emerges as the Next Big Name in the World of Crowdfunding

Recently formed crowdfunding platform ForwdFund is all set to redefine the concept of crowdfunding in the near future. With their extraordinary policy to “Pay It Forward,” ForwdFund has built a dynamic community where no one is alone in the fulfillment of his/her funding request.


Matawan, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/06/2014 -- People looking for funding support for their new venture are not alone anymore. Recently launched crowdfunding service ForwdFund has all the features to make crowdfunding easy like never before. Crowdfunding is presently an extremely popular alternative for startup ventures as a viable funding alternative. Thousands of crowdfunding campaigns are launched everyday through different platforms. However, a large majority of these campaigns fail to make any impact whatsoever. This is where ForwdFund can make a serious difference with their policy to “Pay It Forward.” To find out more about ForwdFund and its unique features, please visit

The very special crowdfunding concept created by ForwdFund comprises of three simple steps. Firstly, every project gets funded by others. The project owners pay it forward by funding two other projects available on the site. This means that every project owner is not only a recipient of funds, but also a backer of other projects. The two projects backed by a given project owner now act as the backers for two other projects. As a result, a true snowball effect is created, building the foundation of the concept to “Pay It Forward.”

Unlike many well known crowdfunding platforms, ForwdFund accepts projects belonging to a wide spectrum of categories such as arts, dance, design, fashion, film, food, games, music, technology, and many more. Campaigns can be posted 100% free of charge at ForwdFund. The maximum limit for the funding target is $50,000. Most importantly, regardless of the outcome of the project, all funds raised are released.

Talking about the unique attributes of this new crowdfunding service, a senior official from ForwdFund said, “We actively promote your campaign to other campaign creators to facilitate cross funding thus creating a snowball effect. Basically, we direct completed campaign creators to help fund currently running campaigns, like your campaign. You deserve the best in technology, innovation and flexibility. ForwdFund provides you with all that and more. “

About ForwdFund
ForwdFund is a unique crowdfunding service with a mission to provide project owners with a funding platform that empowers their ideas and dreams. Their extraordinary funding system is built around the concept to “Pay It Forward.”

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