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Unique Online Taxi Quote System for 2013


Stansted, Essex -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/31/2012 -- To be released later this year for the taxi and private hire trade, Taxi Quote Online aims to provide the UK’s fastest online quote and most comprehensive online lead generation system for the trade.

With the advent of online booking and bookings via an app seemingly the future for all taxi and private hire bookings, Taxi Quote Online aims to offer both the trade with a reliable source of fare enquiries and passengers with a free way to retrieve a number of quotations for their taxi ride easily and quickly.

The system is completely FREE for passengers [who can register and obtain unlimited quotations] and access is free for the trade also. They only need to subscribe once they wish to provide a quotation online.

With a launch date due for January 2013, Taxi Quote Online’s New Business Director explained that there is a large market for online tools like these where passengers can be assured of securing the very best rates for their chosen journeys. She goes on to explain: “Booking a taxi online is now as popular now as it was when you used to pick up the Yellow Pages to book a cab. The problem today is that with a raft of online taxi companies, people are time precious and so look to online tools like Taxi Quote Online to provide them with an instant guide quote and then the option to obtain a number of comparison quotes direct to their inbox. Customers simply enter the details of their fare and Taxi Quote Online will send that request to our trade partners on our system who then bid for the work. This guarantees customers with the best fares.”

A unique feature of Taxi Quote Online is the various trade membership packages on offer. Taxi Quote Online’s New Business Director explains: “We are committed to offering the best deal to our trade partners. Without an effective trade programme our service would not be able to operate across the whole of the UK. We have therefore worked hard with the trade to ensure that our subscription packages are commercially attractive. Packages start from as little as £19.99 per month and include a standard subscription and a premium package. There is also a pay-as-you-earn package too which is a completely risk free package. It largely depends on what level of operation a trade partner manages – if they want unlimited quotations and expect to win lots of business then the standard or premium package will probably suit them better – it would certainly be cheaper!”

Another unique feature relates solely to the premium package. We understand that customers want to know what the basic fare is going to be immediately. With our system, we seek to offer an “indicative” fare immediately which can be set by one of our premium trade subscribers. This way the passengers get the chance to book online there and then and the trade subscriber secures the benefit of being the first taxi or private hire company to offer a price to the customer. The cost of the premium package varies on location but starts from as low as £29.99 per month. As the Taxi Quote Online spokesman states: “The uplift from standard is minimal when you consider the online exposure that the premium package will offer a trade subscriber. We therefore expect the premium slots to sell fast.”

Taxi Quote Onlineare now recruiting taxi and private hire drivers/companies nationwide. Register with them now for FREE and all drivers will benefit from an “early bird” FREE TRIAL of 6 months with full access guaranteed [standard subscription only].

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