Unique Sports App for Likeminded Sportsmen

The sports app bring players together with similar plans


Montreal, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/13/2014 -- Advancement of digital technology has brought great revolution in mobile phones. Today usage of smartphones has been enhanced dramatically with availability of number of apps and features. One such app that can bring likeminded sportsmen together is Geosports. This is a mobile app that connects players who want to play sports physically.

According to latest survey in America, there is a clear-cut decline in sports participation by individuals of all age groups. This is mainly due to video games. Even if someone wants to play a game, availability of partners or remaining players has become difficult due to tight schedules. This has made players to either sit at home or roam around shopping malls. Lack of physical activity among teenage group has resulted in obesity and metabolic disorders. It is clearly visible from past two decades that obesity has become a major issue. Only a physical activity or sports activities can control this challenge upto great extent.

Thanks to the unique app that connects likeminded sportsmen with similar thoughts. This app is blessing to sports enthusiasts. If someone is surprised how it works! then here is the answer, it works just as social networks. Sports enthusiasts can advertise the sporting event which he wants to play with the date, place and time. This app sends notification to other members who are with similar interest in nearby areas. Players can invite opponent’s teams to play against them or they can invite players to join their team, etc.

This app has some initial hiccups related to financial burdens. An upcoming software company from Montreal has launched a kick start campaign to collect funds for this mobile app. This campaign runs for 50 days ending with April 02nd 214. They are seeking donations worth $11,000 to pledge this project. If everything goes well as per plan, this app can be released by October this year.

To know more about Geosports kick start campaign, logon to https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/geosports/geosports

About Geosports
Geosports is Montreal based Software Company run by a team of experts from various projects. They are committed to produce top class mobile apps. They have won number of awards and rewards for their dedicated work. The novel app includes number unique features that can encourage physical sporting activity.

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