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Unique U: New Book Encourages Entrepreneurs to Embrace Their Individuality & Make More Money


Toronto, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/22/2013 -- While old-school pundits preach a rigid mould for the ‘perfect entrepreneur’, Canada’s Melissa Therrien fiercely fights back to prove that it pays to be different. With her focus on helping businesspeople monetize their individuality, Therrien today announces a new book that’s poised to inspire entrepreneurs around the world to stand tall, proud and make the most from what their particular personality has to offer.

‘Unique U: 8 Creative Exercises To Help You Make More Money in Business… By Being You’ takes an alternative yet highly-proven approach to maximizing individual profitability.


Worried about how to make your business stand out from the crowd? Lots of entrepreneurs feel like they have to do some crazy acrobatics to get clients to pay attention. In this economy where we are flooded with so much information it can seem hard to stand out from the crowd… but it doesn’t have to be.

You can create a business that is as real and unique as you are by using all of the parts that make up you. And the best part is: you’re the only you in the world! Stop being afraid of being different, embrace it along with all the rewards that come with it. Make work a pleasure, not a pain.

There are three important parts to this process. Know Yourself -> Accept Yourself -> Express Yourself

Caterpillar -> Cocoon -> Butterfly. What will you become?

In this book you will learn:

- 21 building blocks you can use in your business that make you unique
- What keeps stopping you
- 5 steps to overcome roadblocks that stop you from expressing yourself authentically and fully.
- 7 different strategies to make money using your building blocks
- How to get clarity quickly with a creative exercise in each chapter

As the author explains, her book is a stepping stone in a larger mission to help entrepreneurs around the world capitalise on their individual traits and strengths.

“My vision is to create a self-sustaining world that embraces individuality. Therefore this book was designed to help entrepreneurs not only make money, but to enjoy every minute of it. I believe everyone has so much to offer the world and very few actually take advantage of it,” says Therrien, a customer service expert.

Continuing, “Everyone is going to be themselves anyway, so why not get paid for it? My book will show anyone how to know themselves, accept themselves and then express themselves in a way that increases their profits and net worth.”

While her model is experimental, Therrien believes it comes at a time when the ‘average’ entrepreneur is undergoing great personal change.

“With the internet and globalization increasing competition, people are trying anything they can to stand out from the crowd. Many are looking to develop new programs or add new life to programs already in existence. The world is slowly waking up to the importance of individuality and I hope my book will serve as a catalyst for this change,” she adds.

With critics praising the book for its own unique qualities, Therrien is poised to inspire radical new life among the global business community.

‘Unique U: 8 Creative Exercises To Help You Make More Money in Business… By Being You’ is due for publication on May 27th, available from Amazon in E-book and Paperback formats. Early-bird readers have an opportunity to secure their online copy for free on May 27th and 28th.

There will also be a competition with special prizes specific to each chapter for those who participate in the exercises and register as per the instructions in the book.

For more information, visit: http://www.toweroflifeinc.com

Note - $1 from each sale will help fund entrepreneurs worldwide on KIVA.


About the Author
Melissa Therrien is a customer service expert, world traveller and founder of Tower of Life Inc. She’s a risk-taker and ended up broke and in a shelter but she knew there had to be more. Using her creativity, observational skills and strong sense of self she pulled herself out of the darkness. Her mission is to help entrepreneurs monetize their individuality through coaching and creative exercises so they can make a difference by realizing their potential.