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Unique Weight Loss Without Diet Plan for Women over 40 Released

Women aged more than 40 are commonly experiencing a lot of problems with weight gain. Losing weight might turn out being more difficult starting with this age, but the whole process can become simpler with the best combination of diet and workouts. presents a lot of great tips on the way to achieve weight loss.


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/24/2013 -- indicates that women aged over 40 can eliminate the extra pounds only when they access the right weight loss program. Diet is simple to hold when it features only healthy ingredients. In fact, a weight loss diet should not be based on starvation or the ban of certain foods. Actually, diet should feature only healthy foods, which are part of a healthy lifestyle plan. It should not only be considered on short term, but it should be seen as a long lifestyle plan.

Women aged over 40 are usually recommended to exercise regularly for enhanced overall health. In fact, both exercises and diet are important at this moment for women. indicates that women willing to lose weight can easily access the Fat Loss Factor, which is an effective method of achieving the perfect body shape. This program supposes no need to use any diet plans. However, the developer of this plan, Dr. Charles Livingston, claims that there are certain foods which should be banned from diet, only because they favor fat gain.

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The Fat Loss Factor is a weight loss method that needs to be implemented on a period of 12 weeks. The program features two important phases: detoxification and the weight loss plan. The first phase is highly important, as it actually favors fat loss. When this phase is completed, all the toxins from the body will be eliminated. Then, users can start exercising and include the right foods into their diet. Dr. Charles Livingston claims that there also are certain foods users can eat with the purpose to burn fat faster. These foods should be part of everyday diet. reveals that people who use the Fat Loss Factor should not worry that they will need to implement a strict diet. In fact, the Fat Loss Factor brings only simple diet changes and very easy to perform exercises. The whole plan can be implemented by users at home.