Seo Experts Offers Handmade Bracelets for Men at Excellent Prices


Chiang Mai, Thailand -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/24/2014 -- Unisex Bracelets released a line of handmade bracelets for men, this new line of bracelets from Thailand based company have been especially designed with the current and upcoming trends for fall/winter 2014/2015. For the Past few years accessories for men include different kinds of bracelet, the most preferred by men are the ones with a rugged yet polished look, many of the latest fashion shows around the world have featured various kinds of bracelets including ones made out of gold, precious stones and more the subdued look with leather.

In the current fall and winter we are most likely to see the bracelet trend for men to continue, trends reports foretell that the most prominent accessory this winter will be boots, especially the ones made out of leather and have a military bravura. The current look will deviate from the usually sleek and stylish looks for the more rugged style of boots. To complement the masculinity of the military style boots on trend in the upcoming and current season, Unisex Bracelets handmade bracelet made out of light brown leather, pleated black leather bands and a natural carnelian stone will create a juxtaposition that will balance out the look. It is said that the natural carnelian stone wearers are full of confidence and like to get things done, which is also the perfect description of the booted up look. Another prominent look of the Autumn/Winter 2014/2015 London Collection: Men have been the arts and crafts trend, which will be reviving simple yet artsy look. The trend will feature printed scarves, winter florals and the simplicity and class of the British countryside. Many bracelets from the Unisex Bracelets will perfectly suit this trend, and also complement the male aesthetic sense. The bracelets in the collection have simple designs which are suitable for stacking; the various handmade designs complementing each other will allow wearers to craft their own individual looks.

About Unisex Bracelets
Unisex Bracelets is a brand that brings to the world quality, handmade bracelets from local Thailand ethnic hill-tribes and other bracelets makers. Unisex Bracelets main goal is to provide its customers with the best handmade quality bracelets and not massed produced ones preserving the individuality of the bracelet, its makers and especially its wearer. The bracelets available on the website are suitable for both men and women. For more information and to view the entire range of bracelets, please visit:
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Chiang Mai 50300