UNIT 4 Boosts Innovation Efforts to Further Stabilise Lead in Cloud ERP in Singapore


Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/24/2014 -- When it comes to ERP Software, Singapore is one of the best places for innovative business solutions. In Singapore, more and more businesses are realizing the value of having efficient systems to help manage their workflow, and this includes not just manpower but also software. Enterprise Resource Planning Software in particular is one of the most used software in Singapore today, and this is why UNIT 4 strives to boost its efforts to deliver a better product.

UNIT 4 APAC has been improving its efforts in order to offer the best and most secure Cloud ERP Software in Singapore. The reliability, security, anytime-anywhere access, and scalability offered by Agresso Cloud ERP helps organizations reduce IT costs, minimize the effort to maintain ERP software and become more agile in response to business change. It consolidates all internal and external resources of the company into one compact, comprehensive data system.

This Cloud ERP Software helps ensure fewer mistakes made through user errors and offer disaster recovery as well. With a unique Agresso database, clients can roll-back to a previous version of their database and recover from user errors. Through their innovative cloud technology, clients can put the best, cost-effective enterprise solutions in place, keep them up-to-date and optimized and reduce their in-house IT infrastructure and support costs completely on their terms.

More than 2,600 organizations are benefitting from the fully integrated, role-focused Agresso ERP system for operation support and strategic management. This software helps different business adapt from the changes so they can be competitive globally.

Founded in 1980, UNIT 4 APAC has been among the leaders in ERP software distribution and development, helping companies achieve their goals and targets, both long-term and short-term. The solutions provider aims to set the global standards for business software that will help companies embrace change without compromising companies' earnings and manpower. UNIT 4 APAC also continues to bring innovations and developments in the ERP software industry and pushes boundaries to expand the scope of countries served by their solutions.

About UNIT4
UNIT4 was founded in 1980 and today is one of the largest ERP software suppliers globally. The Group's headquarters are in Sliedrecht, the Netherlands. Locally, UNIT 4 APAC can be contacted through their website at http://www.unit4apac.com/ They may also contact them via phone at +65 6333 6133.