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Unite US and War Writers' Campaign Kickoff "One of Us" Campaign to Share Stories of the Military Community

Community Marketplace Collaborates with Organizations, Corporations, and Government Entities to Support Military Communities in Need of Services


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/28/2014 -- Unite US, a technology that provides the easiest way to connect the military community to local resources and opportunities, announces the kickoff of their “One of US” campaign. The campaign will showcase innovative organizations that support the military and veteran community. The goal is to build awareness about the amazing work being performed by these organizations by highlighting the impact the organization has had on founders, Veterans, and/or families.

The One of Us campaign will begin with the War Writers’ Campaign; highlighting the Co-Founder, CEO, and Board Member Ryan Weemer. War Writers’ aims to maintain a long-term and historic platform that facilitates the consolidated efforts of service members and veterans to promote mental therapy through the literary word. The campaign will be administered through Unite US’ unique interactive community-based technology, leveraging the power of social media in sharing short 40 second videos of each organization’s story. Additionally, the videos will aid in raising awareness of the organization’s community engagement, provided services, and brand visibility.

Taylor Justice, Unite US Co-Founder and Chief Business Officer stated, “Unite US’ goal is to support the efforts of our partners, specifically allowing them to communicate their message concisely, as well as distribute that message to the masses.”

About War Writers’ Campaign
The War Writers’ Campaign is a pending 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation with headquarters in Denver, Colorado. War Writers’ Campaign publishes collections of work, individual pieces, poetry, and prose to represent the 1%. Submissions to The Campaign will be vetted for publication across time, in multiple formats, and will be available for print and download on demand and in physical print for availability in bookstores worldwide. War Writers Campaign aims to build a supportive network of veterans, family members, and supporters nationwide, that will uplift and support our authors. The Campaign will be a sounding board for veterans and their families to reach out for advocacy, awareness, and change in the veteran space and in the community.

About Unite US:
Unite US is a hyper-local technology platform utilizing interactive mapping to connect the military community to much needed resources and opportunities. The Unite US digital eco-systems utilizes internal and external data to facilitate authentic connections between the military, families, and supporters to their local resources including: government, corporations, educators, services, businesses, and civilian supporters willing to lend assistance. The technology is anchored by Unite US’ robust community management software: used by organizations to help accomplish their mission, provide their services, manage workflows, outreach, and communication. Founded by 3 members of the United States Armed Forces and an avid military supporter, Unite US is designed to help veterans and their families make sense of the resources available to them; ultimately uniting all entities under one platform.