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United Kingdom Back Loads Get Greener

The UK lorry industry continues to show a definite concern with making their loads and back loads more environmentally friendly.


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/04/2013 -- UK haulage moguls continue to make an effort to make their transportation of loads and back loads as 'green' and environmentally friendly as possible, the Economic Voice reports.

At a time when environmental matters are once again at a prime in terms of relevance and importance, UK haulage companies and their drivers are pro-actively adjusting the ways in which they operate, in order to protect the environment as much as possible.

Most of the adjustments gradually being made to the way the industry operates in the United Kingdom have to do with increasing efficiency. It has long been one of the complaints of the British haulage industry that fleets are inefficient, either too large for the volumes each company deals in or too outdated to perform adequately.

It is no surprise, then, that these companies have slowly but surely been modernising their squads, either through the replacement of particularly run-down vehicles or through better repair and servicing.

Since properly looked-after vehicles also have a lower volume of emissions, this constitutes a win-win situation for these companies. Similarly, lorries are being super-sized, meaning one larger-sized, properly-maintained vehicle can now do what in the past took the involvement of several smaller and more run-down units.

But fleet replacement is not the only measure being taken towards increasing efficiency in British haulage. Drivers are also now being told to pick more efficient routes through which to get to each destination, perhaps forsaking convenience for the sake of reducing emissions or using less fuel.

This, once again, benefits both the environment and the companies themselves, as fuel prices continue to rise in the UK.

Aside from these environmentally-conscious adjustments, UK haulage companies are also investing in finding cheaper, yet still reliable lorry insurance for their fleets, in a bid to cut costs without compromising safety.

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