United Kingdom's Cred24 Launches Unique Website for Real Time Short-Term Loan Comparison

The website is designed to help those who need short-term loans not to get only the cheapest money but also understand the terms and conditions of the loan


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/23/2014 -- Everyone can encounter a period in their life when things go wrong and they need a little financial help. Short-term or payday loans are a solution to this problem but also have a high rate of interest. Knowing which the best loan is for you, understanding the terms and the repayments can be tricky and this where the new website,, comes in. In one site, user will find a range of lenders and can easily understand what products they offer. It also offers some unique features that made it the top Payday Loan Comparison portal in the UK.

What do is not only monitor the loans but the companies who offer them. This means they study the standards of these companies and also the range of products they offer. There are lenders on the site for those with bad credit records as well as those who even given an increased credit rating for paying back a loan on time. There are no charges in using the site and the variety of loans available can be easily understood. It also prevents users going through the mind-numbing process of repeatedly imputing their information into different sites.

Another unique feature of Cred24 is the User Review Section. This is where real people can give their opinions about the companies they have used, both good and bad. Lenders understand that this feature is there and this helps steer them towards positive customer service. Already customer testimonials are showing a 90% satisfaction rate for those who have taken a loan through the site across the UK and also the sister sites in Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. With its Frequently Asked Questions section, the site is full of information, meaning that when a user takes out the loan, they do so with all alternatives having been shown to them. They also have full understanding of what happens if something goes wrong so there are no hidden elements.

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