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United Muslim Relief Accepting Qurbani Donations to Help Underprivileged Muslims Around the World


Alexandria, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/22/2016 -- Millions of Muslim families live in poverty around the world; wondering and worrying about how they will provide their family with their next meal. A Muslim-focused organization out of Alexandria, VA is stepping up to help less fortunate people throughout the Muslim community provide food for their families and loved ones through Qurbani donations. The organization, United Muslim Relief (UMR), accepts Qurbani donations year-round to assist in the fight against hunger.

"Food deprivation and poverty does not just last a few days out of the year," states Dr. Abed Ayoub, UMR President and Chief Executive Officer, "It's a year-long problem affecting 795 Million people worldwide."

Qurbani is the tradition of sacrificing livestock during the EID Muslim holidays – typically the first three days following the month-long fasting tradition, Ramadan. "Of course, we cannot ask donors to ship livestock for Qurbani, but their monetary contributions can significantly help us help millions of Muslim families, children, in need of a good meal," says Dr. Ayoub.

He also adds that donating once per year – while is a huge help for the Muslim community – isn't enough to help keep people fed all year. "We realize that, with over 700-Million people living in poverty, Qurbani donations will not solve the hunger problem plaguing the world. Our hope is that it will provide respite to those who need it most."

"We have a plan – a sustainable plan – to help significantly impact and improve the lives of Muslims living in poverty," adds Dr. Ayoub, "but this plan will only become possible with support."

About UMR Qurbani Sustainable Program
The plan Dr. Ayoub refers to is the UMR Qurbani Sustainable Program. UMR plans to use the monetary contributions from donors and supporters to purchase and provide a small flock of sheep to East African farming families in need. The families will be able to raise the livestock, use them to make milk for their families, as well as sheer them for wool to make clothing. Additionally, this donation will allow farmers to increase their number of livestock through mating, as well as improve their financial situations by selling the animals the following year.

"We want to help people live better quality lives, but we cannot do this without the support of others throughout the community."

Dr. Ayoub encourages people to visit the organization's website at for more information about the Qurbani mission to fight hunger and poverty.

For more details about United Muslim Relief or to make a donation to the organization, please visit

Media Contact:
Mohammed Ali
United Muslim Relief
Address: Alexandria, VA
Phone: 808-451-8963