Universal Fuel Services

Universal Fuel Services Extends Their Presence to the Midwest

Tampa-Based Fuel Tank Cleaning Company Reaches Kansas City


Tampa, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/05/2016 -- The oil industry is one of the most dominating industries in the world. With the demand for fueling everything mobile, all machinery, and all major forms of transportation – there is an immense market for anything related to its maintenance. Not only does fuel need to be sold and transported, it needs to be stored and refined, and the tanks in this process can take a beating. Proper care and preservation of these tanks is vital to the quality of the fuel, and to the lifespan of the machinery. Universal Fuel Services is the industry leader in fuel tank cleaning and fuel maintenance on the eastern seaboard. With their state of the art filtration equipment and their team of experts, they are making headway to becoming the premier fuel management company in America.

Universal Fuel Services provides a filtration services that cleans out all the algae and sludge build-up from the inside of the tank while restoring fuel to a more reliable and dependable condition. They have been a thriving company since 2008 when the Environmental Protection Agency mandated that all diesel fuel utilize an ultra-low level of Sulphur. By establishing a superb team of workers and investing in the best equipment possible, UFS became the go-to company for commercial fuel management services. They quickly grew to cover the majority of the South East US and began to extend their reach up the Easter Seaboard. Kansas City provides UFS another step to spreading their services throughout the continental US.

"My objective for the company has always been growth, but now there is a very real goal for a West coast presence," said owner Ernie George, "This will position our company to service clients on a national level.

About Universal Fuel Services
Universal Fuel Services provides on-site services that process your fuel through a quality high volume filtration system removing water and contaminates from fuel and cleaning your tanks. Their service vehicles are completely self-contained and are able to service the most remote customers.