John Hendricks Ranks Best Online Colleges Across the United States


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/09/2012 -- It’s no secret that college graduates generally make more money than people who didn’t go to college. However, going to college can be difficult for a number of different reasons. Some people find it hard to fit college classes around a work schedule, and other people have family obligations that prevent them from moving away from home. And sometimes, a local college simply doesn’t offer the right degree.

For all of these reasons, online universities have become increasingly popular over the last decade. At, visitors will find detailed rankings of the best online schools. Today, Americans have hundreds of different options when it comes to taking online college courses. For those who don’t have an in-depth knowledge of the online university system, choosing the perfect school can seem like an intimidating process. helps prospective students by offering comprehensive information about some of the best careers, degrees, and online colleges that exist today. Using the site can open up career and degree options that visitors are often unaware of such as an online doctoral program, a graphic design course, or a criminal justice degree.

A spokesperson for explained how the website wants to help prospective college students:

“High school graduates are faced with hundreds of different options when it comes to online universities. Unfortunately, other websites are designed to advertise just one or two universities. At, we wanted our visitors to learn about a wider range of options, and that’s exactly what we have accomplished.”

Using the website, visitors can learn about the best careers. At the ‘Best Careers’ page, visitors will learn about some of the best professions to get into today. Many of these careers have a high projected growth rate, which means that college graduates with degrees in that profession will be in demand both now and in the future.

After learning about some suggested careers, visitors can start to narrow down their list of schools at the ‘Best Online Colleges’ page. features a number of different schools as well as the recommended degrees offered by each one. Since most colleges specialize in a few different fields, seeks to offer valuable information about choosing the right online school for any program.

Whether searching for online schools that offer a specific degree or interested in learning more about the best careers for 2012 and the future, believes it has the resources to help. It seeks to provide both recent and older high school grads with the information needed to make an informed decision about their futures. With a number of featured schools and a list of popular online degrees, wants to make the decision-making process as easy as possible.

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