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Unleash Your Thin - Reviews the Pros & Cons of Jonny Bowden's Program

Reviews are coming in one after another about Dr. Jonny Bowden's program, Unleash Your Thin. But does the program really work? Here are the pros and cons one might find with it.


Central Point, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/02/2013 -- People struggling with their body figure have a new diet system to turn to for effective weight loss. The Unleash Your Thin diet has just been released on the web by renowned nutritionist Dr. Jonny Bowden. Dr. Bowden designed this diet regimen as an accelerated fat loss program that helps the body become more efficient at burning fat as well as improves the way people eat. This program was designed with the needs of those who have been struggling with their weight problems for years. This weight management program applies modern living concepts combined with unique approaches that can help the clients address their diet concerns and weight loss issues within a short period of time.

The Unleash Your Thin diet program is a diet regimen that is packed with lots of information that the health conscious individuals can definitely apply in their daily routines. Ideally, the individual should make sure that he is willing to commit to learn a sustainable and a proven diet program to be thin and to stay thin for as long as he wants.

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How It Works

The diet program works not by merely cutting back on the calories that people consume every day. More importantly, the program teaches people about what they should eat. They are discouraged from eating the “wrong” food items that can cause certain spikes and weight gain. They are also motivated to eat the right types of food that can facilitate weight loss. These two concepts are entirely different but both are preventive in nature. Dr. Bowden believes that the first step is actually to change the mindset and attitude of the person about food and eating. When the person’s mindset is geared up for proper eating, he can go through the diet and experience the enhanced weight loss that the program can bring.

Getting Into the Right Mindset

For most of the people, the apparent lack of willpower can play a significant role when it comes to the prevention of weight gain. By dealing with the emotional and the mental aspects of dieting and planning, the diet program can help the user establish a solid foundation. As they say, the solid foundation will be useless if the person does not do anything to set the plan into action. Therefore, the next step is to turn these established plans into habits that the person can practice for as long as he wants. By transforming these plans into habits, it will be easier for the participant to ignore the food temptations that may come along the way. The same is true about the prospect of engaging in physical activities to lose weight.

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There are four main parts of the diet program. These are the following:

The Fat Burning Blueprint can help the clients adequately plan for their customized diet plan before they apply the regimen to their daily activities. The planning is holistic in nature. Therefore, the clients should not have any trouble with any of the aspects not adequately being addressed. Some aspects of the diet blue print includes the lifestyle, exercise routines, and food planning.

The Craving Crusher Action Guide is another part of the diet program that mainly focuses on helping the clients resist their food cravings. If the clients can resist these desires, it will be a lot easier for them to significantly cut off a large chunk of calories that they tend to consume in a single day.

The Ten Minute Meal Guide is an especially helpful part of the diet program. In this portion, the clients are given lots of food preparation suggestions that they can use for their menus. This part includes some of the recommended recipes that they are advised to try out. One good thing about this diet program aspect is the convenience of planning the meals taking only a short amount of time. This makes it perfect for the people who have extremely busy lifestyles.

The Private Forum is a section of the weight loss system that can help dieters clarify any concerns or have their questions answered. The interaction can help you in further improving your weight loss progress in the long run.

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This diet program can help the clients prevent crash course dieting. Aside from that, the established routines can help them avoid giving in to their food addictions and turning to emotional binge eating. Another good news is the fact that the founder offers to provide the clients with a two-month trial and 100% money back guarantee.


If one is used to the term, "We've got some good news and some bad news" then here is the bad first. The main drawback to the diet is that it is focused around eating lower carbs than some have in the past - which could be why they gained or can't lose weight in the first place. If one cannot eat a lower carb meal than this is not a recommended diet. If one can, the "good news" is plentiful.

After starting on the diet program, dieters were deeply satisfied with the results that they experienced. They even reported better progress as they stayed with the diet program for a longer period of time. They reported that the preliminary steps has changed their mind set. Therefore, the preparation phase made it easier for them to resist grabbing just any food item from the kitchen pantry. The program also taught them to take the food items in more manageable portions. Proper portioning of meals as taught in the program has made it easier for them to monitor the amount of calories and fats that they take consume for every meal. This also gave them a more accurate way to measure if they are consuming the optimal amount of nutrients in a day.

Losing weight does not have to be difficult. It also does not have to be completely restrictive. Shifting to a healthy eating mindset and lifestyle is what makes Dr. Bowden’s Unleash Your Thin diet a more sensible, effective, and sustainable weight loss program around today.

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