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Unleashing God's Power: Compelling New Book Reveals Uncommon Truths About the Lord.

Wanting all Christians to live a successful and victorious life, author Jimi Akanbi’s new book reveals very deep and uncommon truths to understanding God's power.


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/11/2012 -- While many Christians commit themselves to God, most do not reach their full potential due to misunderstandings in their faith-based knowledge. Now, for the first time in religious literature history, author Jimi Akanbi reveals life-changing uncommon truths that will help all readers better understand God’s power and ways.

In fact, ‘Unleashing God's Power: Maximize This Great Benefit of Christianity in Your Life’ is being hailed by critics as a game-changing text in the Christian arena. By using his own life story as an example, the author reveals eleven key steps that are helping thousands of readers live a supernatural life.


“This is an inspirational book written for both mid-level and mature Christians. Whether you are full of faith and power of God or just struggling in these areas, there is always room for growth. The book discusses eleven key steps to maximizing the power of God in a Christian's life. The author also discusses deep uncommon truths about the virtues of praise, prayer, Holy Spirit and faith. The book is definitely bound to empower and increase a Christian's faith, in turn, command supernatural results in life.

Unleashing God’s power includes life transforming revelations from above that are not found in any other book. Akanbi shares an understanding of how things and living beings in the physical are connected or tied to things and beings in the Spiritual. Deep truths are revealed that will help you prosper in your Christian life. Note, there is no maximum cap to the measure of faith and power that any man or woman can have in God. The author supports his points with excellent scriptural references.”

As the author explains, most Christians do not utilize the full power afforded to them by God.

“The end time church does not take full advantage of the power of God that is available to them. I have written a powerful book that will inspire all Christians to be full of the power of God. The content of the book are just not mere words, they were written by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit,” says Akanbi, who has already garnered much acclaim.

He continues, “I discuss how lot of Christians do not operate in high power of God, and how these can be alleviated. Christianity without power is a frustrated religion. I reveal how God wants us to prosper in life, otherwise, He would not have given us his word.”

Since its release, the book has enjoyed a consistent string of rave reviews.

“Unleashing God's power is a unique inspirational book that has blessed my life. The author brilliantly cites biblical scriptures to support his points in some occasions which he applies to real life situations,” says Bobo, who reviewed the book on Amazon.

Another reader, Omololu Adebayo, was equally as impressed. They wrote that, “This is an inspirational book by Jimi Akanbi. The positive messages also the truths about understanding God's power. This is a must to read book, you'll understand the reason and also the need why God's power can make us supernatural.”

With readers demanding more from Akanbi, he has turned to writing a popular blog in order to share further wisdom with his followers.

“The book is only the start of a long and prosperous journey through the Christian life. There is a lot more to share. My blog is frequently updated with thoughtful talking points, exciting life lessons and updates that didn’t make the book,” he adds.

With so much success in his hands, Akanbi remains proud of his efforts. Critics agree with the power of his work, as do his growing and ever-loyal readership.

‘Unleashing God's Power: Maximize This Great Benefit of Christianity in Your Life’, published by Amazon Digital Services, can be purchased from the following locations:

Amazon - http://amzn.to/Vl2nI4
Barnes & Noble - http://bit.ly/Vs2MdP
SmashWords: http://bit.ly/RiAyEz

For more information, please visit the author’s official website: http://jimiakanbi2.blogspot.com/

About Jimi Akanbi
I am Jimi Akanbi. I live in Atlanta, Georgia USA. I have a Master's Degree in Business Administration, Finance. I have undergone a 10 week formal bible training course. I am an active member of the prayer and intercessory team at my church. I received my calling from God to be in the writing ministry and I will obey.

I just do not write books as I desire; I write books as I am led by God. I write nonfiction Christian books. All of the contents of my first book were written by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.