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Unlife Legend: Cult Series, Hailed as 'Best Battle & Magic in Fantasy', Announces Eagerly-Awaited Third Volume

Written by Jason J Bilicic, the first two books in the ‘Unlife Legend’ have not only become cult classics around the world, but celebrated by many as the most cutting fantasy series ever written. With a dedicated fan base demanding more, the author is delighted to announce the upcoming launch of ‘The Vision of Men’.


Tucson, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/11/2013 -- While most new authors use their first few releases to simply test the literary waters, Jason J Bilicic has proven that debut novels can easily become bestsellers and bold cult classics. The author’s ‘Unlife Legend’ currently has two volumes on the market – ‘No Gods of Conscience’ and ‘Pilgrimage of the Dead’.

‘The Vision of Men’, book three, is due for release on December 23rd, 2013. This latest installment sees characters dueling with Gods, pulling down the Heavens and even pursuing romantic interests.


No Gods of Conscience (Unlife Legend Book One): The deterioration of mankind results in the initiation of a crusade to restore integrity to man's spirit. The quest that leads the effort, however is corrupt from the onset, filled with agents of the evil gods set on opposing the efforts of men. A thief is selected, presumably by evil gods, to make sure that the quest and crusade cannot be completed successfully. He is given a sword that can resurrect him with the spirit of the innocents if he employs the sword to take their lives. His handler, a beautiful elven sword master, slowly betrays her feelings of caring to him, alluding to a previous life that he cannot remember, giving indication that he may be able to escape the quest and his evil fate.

Pilgrimage of the Dead (Unlife Legend Book Two): The quest to save mankind is exposed as fraudulent but a powerful time for mankind has begun none the less. The gods can be challenged. The remaining members of the quest, a vampiric priest, a thief and a bounty hunting dwarf, continue searching for means to call the vane and self-serving gods into battle, hoping to use the conflict to either destroy the gods or force them to cater to their followers as they should. The thief presses forward as much to save the elven woman as to forward the cause he is not certain he believes.

The Vision of Men (Unlife Legend Book Three): A champion is chosen for mankind to duel with the gods, and he seeks first not to fight them directly but instead to pull down the Heavens themselves in order to force the gods to fight on equal terms. He moves through the traps of the gods while he pursues the elven woman he loves, her ambition and anger at the gods leading him in the right direction.

As the author explains, his work has received an overwhelming response.

“What started as a simple literary project has boomed into a series that many are publicly praising for having some of the best magic and battles scenes ever written. This kind of feedback is an author’s dream. I worked diligently to develop stunning fight scenes, magical battles and characters of such depth that readers feel as if they know them personally,” says Bilicic.

Continuing, “The commentary on mankind's vanity and the impact of misused power in religion and societal standing draw a dramatic parallel to current social undertones in today's society. The third volume has been long-awaited by many and I am delighted to be finally bringing it to the market.”

Since their release, the books have garnered a string of rave reviews.

For example, Kyle Cartmell commented, “I love this book. The storytelling is great, and there's a really original device that allows you to see the world from the main character's point of view that you don't even know is there until you've finished.”

Raymond and Katie Woodard were equally impressed, adding, “Amazing!!!!!! Could not put this down!!! Intense, creative, felt like I was IN the book. Can't wait to start the next one in the series!”

The first two volumes are available now from Amazon in paperback and e-book formats: http://amzn.to/18y4lzx. ‘No Gods of Conscience’ will be free as a Kindle E-book from 12/25/2013 - 12/29/2013.

About the Author
Born in 1975 in Warren, Ohio, Jason gravitated towards creative writing throughout his education, writing his own works as early as eight years of age. His first work demonstrated his love of twisted plots and descriptive battle scenes.

Jason attended the University of Arizona where he continued his obsession with creative writing and fantasy, writing his first novel. In 1997, he graduated with a degree in English, intent on teaching creative writing while working on his own fantasy series.

Jason now works on novels, living with his family in Arizona, his love of fantasy driving him.
He will now have three full length novels published with many others in process. The Unlife Legend series is his bestselling and most revered work thus far.