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Unload Email Overload: Productive New Book Could Save Companies Hundreds of Millions of Dollars.

While email has revolutionized the way the world does business, the amount of time devoted to electronic communication could also be holding progress back. In his compelling new book, Bob O’Hare seeks to help workers stop interruption, remove indecision and ultimately increase productivity.


Flourtown, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/07/2012 -- A recent survey by Mashable.com exposed a shocking yet predictable statistic, that the average worker spends almost a third of their working day answering emails. Nobody understands this better than productivity and digital technology expert Bob O’Hare, whose ground-breaking new book could save U.S companies hundreds of millions of dollars.

‘Unload Email Overload’ offers a fascinating insight into why email is holding the average American worker (and their employer) back, as well as providing enlightening solutions for overcoming this modern dilemma.


“Managing email takes way too much time because we never learned to do it effectively. As a result, we are constantly interrupted, spend countless hours processing email, re-read emails that languish in our inbox, store email we don’t need and suffer from information overload. Don’t you agree?

Unload Email Overload, written for professionals, very busy individuals and management, documents the MasteringEmail™ methodology, developed by Bob O’Hare, which provides the principles, methods and details you need to process email quickly and effectively. Unload Email Overload is written in an intelligent, easy-to-understand format to help you minimize interruption, overcome indecision, manage your inbox to near empty, and eliminate frustration with email. This book will, quite importantly, help you organize your time and priorities so you can get your work done–at work.

Unload Email Overload will enable you to give up doing email over dinner, while driving and when you get in bed. You can think of more pleasant ways to spend that time, yes? MasteringEmail™ will save your precious time and improve your work/life balance. You can scan the book to capture improvement ideas quickly and devour it in one evening.

As the author explains, learning to manage email effectively affords benefits beyond the workplace.

“The amount of time dedicated to email causes workers to push priority tasks to the back-burner, often requiring them to stay late at work. By managing their emails properly, workers will have more time to devote to the dinner table, their families and other enjoyable activities,” says O’Hare.

He continues, “Companies can save hundreds of millions of dollars by changing email management behavior. There are simply too many emails, most of them not necessary. Letting email alert interrupt all day is crazy; this book can stop the craziness and improve work/life balance, while saving companies tons of money they pay for creativity and don't get.”

In fact, O’Hare’s methods can be learned quickly in a one day workshop he provides for companies that gets teams of employees discussing the email and information overload issues. Together, they sort through and explore the MasteringEmail™ methodology and agree on how to mutually change personal and corporate email management behavior.

See more about this workshop at http://www.mastering-email.com

“All it requires is a little time to think about the issues and small workplace adjustments. I don’t preach huge change – just a few simple ideas that will release more time within the workplace to focus and get the job done effectively, ” he concludes.

‘Unload Email Overload’, published by Bob O’Hare, is available at major book sellers or can be purchased directly from his website: http://www.mastering-email.com

About the Author: Bob O’Hare
Bob, as an engineer and computer scientist, developed computer communication systems and one of the first personal computers. After his career in digital technology, Bob completed postgraduate courses in organization development and founded Performance Improvement Technologies, Inc. With this company, Bob facilitates corporate change, coaches executives and provides professional development services. He emphasizes the human side of leadership.

Concern by professionals and management about email overload and productivity loss encouraged Bob to seek a solution for these issues. He researched the field and developed the MasteringEmail™ methodology to help knowledge workers, professionals and managers achieve the benefits of email without the burden. Bob wrote chapter eight of the book especially for upper management, to help them explore the productivity issues which cost corporations millions of dollars annually.

To help companies change email culture and apply the MasteringEmail™ principles, Bob designs and facilitates workshops and coaching sessions to meet their needs.

Bob, his wife Carol, two married children and three grandchildren live and work in the Philadelphia area.