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Mill Creek, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/14/2013 -- iPhoneTec's website is an entrance into the world of iPhones and most importantly, learning how to unlock iPhone 4 or any given model of iPhone easily. There is an official iPhone unlocking service available in the UK but if users want to unlock the phones with an alternative solution, iPhoneTec has it right here.

Although Android phones sold much more in the year 2012 than iPhones, the customer loyalty to the brand of Apple Inc. will take much more than Android phones to diminish the demand for iPhones. The release of each new version of iPhone including iPhone 5 was anticipated for anxiously by Apple fans across the globe last year. Its sales have continued to grow slowly but surely. While Samsung phones powered by Android have clinched almost 68.8 percent of the smart-phone market in 2012, iPhone sales took up only 18.8 percent of all smart phone shipments. However, the company has still many avid fans and buyers which puts the company in a comfortable runner up position to Samsung for the time being.

Although American and European continents observe the highest percentage of sales for iPhones, the Asia Pacific region is sold the most number of units which puts the Asian countries as one of the fastest growing iPhone market in the world. To use these handsets, each phone must be unlocked through a special process. iPhoneTec lets users unlock iPhone without jail breaking. Jail breaking is a term used for smart-phones which allows them to bypass any restrictions put down by the makers of that brand or using third party applications which without jail breaking cannot be accessed by a phone.

Unlocking iPhone without having to resort to jail breaking allows smart-phone users to program any SIM in the phone from any part of the world. Also, the user can install and upgrade the latest iPhone Operating System no matter which version of the iPhone he or she has. Unlocking iPhone 5 , which is last year's most popular smart-phone, becomes as simple as the swipe of its touch screen. A person should confirm their IMEI and the network to which the iPhone is locked. After payment, the IMEI is marked as unlocked in the database. An email is received which prompts a person to connect their phone to iTunes which completes the unlocking process. This unlocking is permanent and does not need further tweaking. iPhoneTec also identifies scams and fake unlocking software that one should be wary of.

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