UnlockAnIPhone.org Pioneers an Unlocking Process for the IPhone 5


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/10/2012 -- The recently launched iPhone 5, like all previous iPhone iterations, has attracted a huge amount of consumer attention and sold a vast quantity of units. In almost all cases, iPhones and other expensive smartphones are sold as part of an exclusivity deal with a network. In exchange for a subsidized price, users are locked in to using one particular network. Factory unlocked iPhones are considerably more expensive. However, some companies have developed a highly sought after process whereby iPhones can be unlocked.

Chief among these companies is UnlockAnIPhone.org, which has pioneered an unlocking method for the new iPhone 5. In most cases a phone has been released to the public for at least a few months before an unlocking method has been discovered. UnlockAnIPhone.org has gained a huge amount of attention by tearing away from the pack and successfully unlocking AT&T locked iPhone 5 models just days after the phone’s release to the public.

This process is called IMEI unlocking, and it is a permanent unlock which allows the phone to function in exactly the same way as a factory unlocked model. Any SIM card can be used inside the unlocked phone.

As well as pioneering this process to unlock iPhone 5 models, UnlockAnIPhone.org have the capability to unlock other models of iPhone, including the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, in the same way.

A spokesperson for the website said:

“We’re very proud to have found a way to unlock the iPhone 5 so soon after it has been released. The IMEI unlocking method that we have developed for AT&T locked iPhones lets you use any SIM card, from any network, in any country. This has numerous advantages such as letting consumers use a much cheaper local SIM card when they travel, and also letting them use a pre-paid SIM card if they wish. It gives consumers complete freedom of choice. Some of our more enterprising customers have been taking advantage of the large price difference between locked and unlocked phones by buying locked iPhones wholesale and selling them newly unlocked for a massive profit. We’re one of the oldest iPhone unlocking services around. We were set up in 2007 to unlock the very first iPhone, and we’ve been successfully unlocking every model released since then. We’re glad that the iPhone 5 has been no exception.”

About UnlockAnIPhone.org
UnlockAnIPhone.org is a long established iPhone unlocking company, with considerable experience and expertise in unlocking iPhones. They have recently come into renewed prominence for developing a process to unlock the new iPhone 5.

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