Unlockroom to Provide Unlocking Service for iPhones


Ontario, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/08/2013 -- Unlockroom is a company that is offering unlocking services for all models of iPhones. With the use of the IMEI code the company can already work on unlocking its client’s iPhone.

There are a lot of network services that individuals can choose from. And there are also already a lot of network providers that are offering their plans and services together with a phone. Purchasing a smartphone such as iPhone from a particular carrier is an advantage. However, there are also cases in which the person will eventually decide to have another network carrier for some important reasons. But the issue is that they cannot just simply change it whenever they need to. To address this issue, unlockroom is offering iPhone unlocking services.

They use, applies, and offers IMEI unlocking service. IMEI unlocking system is considered to be the safest and the best method of unlocking any models of iPhone. Through the company’s team of professionals along with its iPhone unlocking IMEI-based system that they are using, individuals will surely not lose service no matter how many times they have changed their SIM cards. The good thing about the company is that the rates that it offers for the service it provides is based on the network carrier of the iPhone that needs to be unlocked. Once the iPhone is unlocked, individuals can already start getting the latest updates of IOS firmware without worrying about getting the unit locked with to its network carrier again.

UnlockRoom is the latest company that offer iPhone unlocking service for any models including iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPhone 3GS, and iPhone 4S. They effectively unlock iPhone 4, 4S and any other model of an iPhone. The iPhone unlocking service that the company is offering is guaranteed to be permanent. What’s good about the company is that it offers a money-back guarantee as well as discounts on bulk orders. Aside from these, the company also feature permanent factory unlocks and accepts PayPay. Compared to its competitors, the company’s service has the lowest charge and the only one that have these 4 important features.

About Unlock Room
UnlockRoom is based in Carleton Place, Ontario. The company can unlock iPhone 4S or any other model with no jailbreak required.

For more information about unlockroom and the services it offers, feel free to visit their website at, or send email by filling out the form that can be found at their website.

Company: UnlockRoom
Address: Carleton Place, Ontario, Canada