Unlockunit.com Offers to Unlock Samsung Galaxy S3 Model at $16.9

The company offers 100% money back guarantee for its specific phone unlocking services.


Bacau, Romania -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/04/2013 -- UnlockUnit.com is a company which offers unique mobile phone unlocking service solutions to specific clients at a fast and secure manner. The company assures great customer support by providing the best possible unlocking methods to clients based on their specific requirements.

The company owner says, “UnlockUnit.com follows a quick manner to unlock phone via using codes”. Using this site, users need to provide clear information about cell phone currently used and based on this, a unique code based unlocking service will be generated by UnlockUnit.com. By availing this unlocking option via a code, customers can use the phone with any kind of GSM network service.

A simple phone unlocking application is put forward by the company. Users need to enter specific details like IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) which is normally a 15-16 digit serial number, which allows identifying the specific handset used by customers. As stated by company officials, “Users can find the IMEI code number by simply dialing “#06#” from phone which displays the number or else also have the possibility of finding this number below the phone battery”. Apart from IMEI number, it is also essential for users to enter details about phone model, network and country to avail the unlocking facility as a whole. UnlockUnit.com offers users the option to access the code number via email together with clear cut instructions on different usage modes.

UnlockUnit.com facilitates users to take up this application with any kind of mobile device or models like Samsung Galaxy, HTC, Motorola, LG, Blackberry, I Phones and many android support phone devices as well. The website puts up detailed information on specific ways to unlock Samsung Galaxy S3 model. UnlockUnit.com offers this service for just $16.9. The company also gives a special offer or chance to earn money for users by using the unlockunit application software to unlock the phones of their friends. It is not necessary for users to possess any technical skills to use the unlock service. A fast and unique unlock service is assured by the company along with a 100% money back support. To get more details on unlocking services for Samsung Galaxy S3 model, visit http://www.unlockunit.com/unlock-samsung/samsung-galaxy-s3

About UnlockUnit.com
UnlockUnit.com is a special online platform which puts forward the specific service of unlocking phones in a fast manner and at affordable price ranges as well. As part of this service, any phone models or devices like Samsung galaxy S3, Motorola, LG Optimus, I Phones etc can be unlocked by using codes so that it can used with any specific GSM network across the world. The company gives a special offer to unlock Samsung galaxy S3 model at just $16.9.

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