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Unmanageable Growth Drives Reach Technologies to MISys for Inventory Control


Woodstock, VT -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/28/2013 -- Five years ago Debbie Gronski, Operations Manager for Reach Technologies was growing and adding new products. Reach Technologies, opened for business three decades ago. The company proudly provides service and supplies to the United States. They are a member of the International Imaging Technology Council.

In March of 2005, Kevin Boeckman purchased the company and added a full line of office supplies and greatly expanded the technology supplies offered by Reach Technologies. By providing all of supplies online and by establishing exceptional customer relationships, Reach Technologies positioned itself to compete against many of the big box stores without having to pay for the brick and mortar real estate; those savings have been passed onto customers.

Due to this rapid growth, the company’s inventory control was becoming unmanageable. Before MISys Reach Technologies was using Excel spreadsheets to manage inventory and open orders. Reach Technologies found MISys seamlessly compatible with QuickBooks. Gronski reported, “MISys was unique in their training and simplicity of use for our small high-mix-low-volume electronics assembly business.”

The cornerstone of MISys is knowing what to buy, and when to buy it; what to build and when to build it. The system eliminates the guesswork involved and gives companies the ability to use a just-in-time inventory purchasing, reducing their investment in inventory by 25-40%.

Reach Technologies has been using MISys for five years and ranked the top three benefits of MISys Manufacturing software as inventory accuracy, configuration control, and on-time delivery.

MISys Manufacturing ( offers one of the lowest cost-of-ownership solutions for small manufacturers, while designed to grow with the success of industrial customers, offering a scalable solution which provides the needed additional power by simply plugging in a new module.

About MISys Manufacturing
MISys Manufacturing software products are sold directly by the company as well as hundreds of business partners in forty-eight countries. A privately held corporation headquartered in Woodstock, Vermont, MISys has more than 7,500 customers worldwide. MISys Manufacturing offers a comprehensive solution for all industries, with specific functionality for food & beverage, auto parts, industrial machinery, and plastics manufacturers. The software has evolved over 25 years to include powerful functionality required by manufacturers in the pharmaceutical, health & beauty, electronics, computer equipment and aerospace & defense industries. Comprehensive customer feedback has helped shape the technology to incorporate best practices to meet ISO certification requirements and lean manufacturing principles, at the most affordable price. Follow MISys on Twitter at @MISysinc.

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Charlie Kimbell, VP, Sales and Marketing