Unmatched Gardening with HealthyWiser Soil Meter Plus TDS Meter


White Plains, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/05/2017 -- With the new HealthyWiser 3-way soil meter offered on Amazon, the best of gardening is yet to come. The product comes in a package bundle with HealthyWiser's TDS meter for only $32.95.

Who wouldn't want to have the healthiest soil for the plants? More so, pairing the digital soil meter with the TDS meter is one way to keep track of water quality for the plants.

The 3-way soil meter

The HealthyWiser digital soil meter ensures that the soil used by gardeners is in the healthiest of conditions. It takes pride in various superb qualities.

-The soil meter tests three different measures in one meter – moisture, pH levels, and light.

-The device offers 100 percent accuracy, is easy to read and perfect for monitoring the growth of healthy plants.

-The meter informs gardeners when the right time to water their plants, adjust lighting and change up the soil

-The device is very compact and portable. It works for both indoor and outdoor gardens.

-The soil meter provides ways so customers can save money while gardening.

The TDS meter

Meanwhile, HealthyWiser also offers a product bundle so consumers are always on top of the game. Aside from soil health with the 3-way soil meter, the product is now available on Amazon for only $32.95 with the TDS meter along with the package.

The HealthyWiser TDS EC meter is a device used for accurate water quality testing. The device checks out total dissolved solids in the water. It ensures the safety of water sources such as drinking water, swimming pools, water spas, purified water, airline water and more.

"I am impressed with this soil meter, over all it is a nice meter and for the cost it is of good quality. It arrived quickly since it is shipped and it is full filled thru amazon which is nice so you do not have to wait very long for it to come to your home. It is easy to use and it is easy to read," one customer wrote on Amazon.

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HealthyWiser is a reputable company in the United States that provides various products for health awareness. The products are used for beauty, personal health, and wellness.

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