Billions of Potentially Unsafe Beverage Cans Protected by Advercan Philanthropists

While seeking Melinda Gate’s assistance, AmeriCAN philanthropists help curtail the spread of influenza among the student bodies of the world


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/18/2013 -- In a clean sweep, the soda can “Clean Cap” received a 100% approval rate when introduced to Governmental agencies and education health boards.

“Inspired by a local philanthropic teacher and absenteeism clerk in Senator Nelson and Congressman Burgess’ District, we decided to find out what Gvt. office personnel thought of our Clean Cap. Just as our in-school presentations, everyone gave us a thumbs up,” says Kenneth McClintock, Chief Architect of the in-school studies.

The innovations team has introduced the first petition to supplement the FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act regarding flu prevention and can top covers. The new law demands accountability, not bureaucracy. It also mandates that the food and beverage companies are now responsible for infection clean ups. It makes sense to protect consumers prior to infection, rather than post infection government expenditures. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” Ben Franklin.

Every major beverage company and their AORs have expressed interest in Advercan over the last decade. Coca Cola and Universal McCann were the closest to initiate the Advercan system in 2004, but like their soda fizzles, so did their interests. Coke employees also planned test distributions in 2007 which was suddenly shut down. The sanitary cover does not cost the beverage giants anything because can-top-advertising revenues offset the entire can.

Imagine a mandatory safety law that is actually profitable for the product/packaging company…Implausible you say? Americans confront 35 billion dollars worth of unwanted junk mail per year. Many of those ads should be placed on a beneficial Clean Cap since the USA consumes over 90 billion cans annually. (source: Beverage Industry Magazine) See the World’s first can-top-coupon ROI test: and 1st in-school brand loyalty survey:

The CDC spent billions in 2010 to help control diseases. The beverage industry has the opportunity to seek profitable amounts exceeding what the CDC spends while having the health of the consumer come first. From President Obama: Flu Preparedness is a “Shared Responsibility”. There’s New Funding for States and New Nation-Wide Flu Prevention Campaigns at Mrs.Melinda Gates knows of Advercan, but perhaps not Advercan’s studies and unanimous approval rates. According to the History Channel, America built over 1200 Superfortress bombers against her enemies in WW2. Two hundred AmeriCANtop “Clean Capping” systems built against our pathogen enemies can be done in a snap leaders (Major Philanthropists recently pledged $130 billion for humanity). Snap in more AmeriCAN jobs. Snap in a new revenue stream for the AmeriCAN beverage companies. Snap in a new Influenza/Meningitis/Herpes/MDRO/MRSA fighting tool for America! “Risk interpretation is not a trivial matter, for either the public or the policy makers. In the case of H1N1 or H5N1, the potential costs of not rushing to decrease transmission could have been global and catastrophic.” Max Follmer, Huffington Post. Now we wait for the next big bio-threat…Sarah V., a respiratory therapist, suggests the MDRO (Multi Drug Resistant Organism) could be the next super contagious pandemic to come, and it spreads easily by can-top transfer from host to recipient.

Tom Bachman, a Tenured Beverage Industry Consultant, remarks: "Much has been written and discussed about the need for stricter sanitation and safety needs within the food and beverage market and now we are at a point where the consumer is more concerned than ever on the products and packaging they buy. Health and wellness concerns are determining what and how the consumer purchases and it is important for the food and beverage industry to be aware of and satisfy their concerns. In fact it has been noted that the Clean Cap actually functions as a "tamper evident" device never before available for cans.

The Clean Cap is also a new revenue generator for beverages as each can cover can be printed with third party merchandising or charitable messages and school label programs and are good for both the food and beverage company and the consumer. It also offers the processor and consumer with an "under the cap" marketing opportunity that has never been available in the can market to date. Other unique opportunities associated with the ADVERCAN system is the ability to incorporate QR Codes, RFID tracking, flavor and aroma technologies directly to the can. With all of its unique sanitation, safety, and marketing advantages, we look for the Clean Cap to become an integral part of the can package in the months ahead”.

Team Advercan has visited ISD, SBOE, collegiate, beverage plant, ad agency, FDA, Red Cross, Senatorial, Health Dept, State Policy Planning, School Health Advisory Committee, and Congressional offices with unanimous positive reaction to their sanitary Clean Cap for beverage cans. The team easily convinces anyone by this simple fact: If your kids drink from a can that’s been handled by an estranged store clerk, that’s like indirectly licking his hand. This action infects thousands daily, especially during flu season. If a store clerk passes contaminated coins and bills all day, then handles your can…you put the can directly in your mouth. There are "Hand to Mouth" contamination warnings from every Federal and State Health Department, university, ISD, health centered charities/foundations and especially the CDC. “If the beverage companies say that there isn’t a yucky can top problem, let’s have their kids line up to buy cans from an H1N1-positive cashier before Christmas break,” sites Michelle A., Middle School Teacher, TX.

Since these findings affect almost every person on earth, Advercan’s models are assured global successes in Business and Philanthropy. Big thinkers or Philanthropic leaders (Major Philanthropists recently pledged $130 billion for humanity) Please contact us at or 800-879-7050. Deep philanthropy (perhaps for Melinda Gates’ foundation)