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Unstoppable: Gripping & Inspirational New Biography Fires Up Cylinders on Remarkable Life Story of Hollywood's Deaf Stuntwoman, Kitty Linn O'Neil

Researched and compiled by renowned aeronautical engineer, Doug Ford, ‘Unstoppable’ not only tells the hair-raising and high-octane life story of Hollywood’s only deaf stuntwoman, but also showcases the true power of perseverance over adversity. From jumping out of moving helicopters to setting female speed records on both land and water, Kitty Linn O’Neil proves that you don’t have to hear the world to be able to excel in it.


Golden, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/17/2014 -- Imagine sitting on the skids of a helicopter cruising 180 feet above an air bag you’re about to jump into; many would think that all five senses would be working overtime to make the difference between life and death. Kitty Linn O-Neil has been in situations like this many times, with an abnormal level of brevity that has seen her not only rise to become Hollywood’s top stuntwoman, but break plenty of records in the process. Oh yes, and she’s deaf.

For the first time, Kitty’s amazing life story of overcoming the odds associated with hearing impairment is being made public, thanks to an uplifting biography compiled by Doug Ford.

‘Unstoppable’ is aptly titled; written to both share Kitty’s bold life story and inspire other deaf individuals to triumph over their adversity.


This is the story of Kitty Linn O’Neil, an amazing lady who, although deaf since infancy, became a world class Hollywood stuntwoman and driven high speed vehicles to become the fastest woman in the world on both land and water. Kitty has accomplished amazing feats, has faced hardships and many of life’s challenges and has beaten incredible odds. She became an Olympic class platform diver, has competed in off road racing of automobiles and motorcycles, has jumped from a moving helicopter at over 180 feet into an air bag and still holds many records for high free fall stunts. She also set records for high speeds and low elapsed times for quarter mile dragsters, has driven a rocket powered land speed car to over 600 miles per hour, and drove a jet powered boat to over 275 miles per hour. Kitty O’Neil is one very special lady.

“There’s no other way to say it, Kitty is one amazing woman,” explains Ford, who met the stuntwoman while doing research about people that have set land and water speed records. “It’s rare to have a motivational story to tell that is packed with so much action; but that’s how Kitty lives!”

Continuing, “It will of course keep readers from all walks of life on the edge of their seats, but has a special place in the lives of young hearing impaired people. Kitty is passionate about and committed to inspiring these youngsters to put their minds to their dreams and achieve anything and everything they want out of life. As Kitty says, “being deaf isn’t a handicap; it’s a challenge to conquer”, and conquer it she has.”

‘Unstoppable’ is available now on Amazon.com

ISBN: 978-0-9847589-3-7

About Douglas A. Ford
Douglas A. Ford is a nationally known aeronautical engineer with more than 45 years of experience in aerodynamic and hydrodynamic research, engineering and design, and has spent virtually his entire life around high speed automobiles and racing boats and the people that design, build, and drive them.