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Untangling Satan's Web World Wide: Vital New Book Helps Parents Fight Satan's 'Internet Havoc'

Written by Pastor Edward Weston, the ground-breaking new book exposes the online perils and traps that Satan is using to wreck the lives of children everywhere. Also containing a list of helpful Government agencies, Internet slang and alternative forms of entertainment, ‘Untangling Satan’s Web World Wide’ is poised to save the lives of thousands.


Jacksonville, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/15/2013 -- While the Internet helps millions of children do everything from completing their homework to keeping in touch with long-distance relatives, Pastor Edward Weston is urging parents to wake up and notice the ‘Internet havoc’ that Satan is inflicting on young people around the world.

‘Untangling Satan’s Web World Wide’ is Weston’s steadfast attempt to alert all parents to the problem and urge them to take action before Satan holds their children’s minds hostage.


Untangling Satan’s Web World Wide is a book that serves as a defensive countermeasure, much like the shields that protected the USS Enterprise from a Klingon attack.

The book is an easy read that peers into the perils of the Internet and discloses the psychological traps Satan uses to bring chaos and disorder into the lives of our children. The design of Untangling Satan’s Web World Wide is to help parents and guardians destroy the death cycle at its point of origin.

Some may believe that iron bars on the windows, Rottweiler’s in the backyard and the ADT sign protruding from the lawn means safety. Not so. A click of a mouse will bypass all these security measures, kidnap the minds of our children and hold them hostage.

As the author explains, the seemingly innocent Internet is far more dangerous than any physical weapon or force.

“Our children are our future and what better way to destroy society, than to rape society's future. Bear in mind, however, the dragon's weapon is not necessarily a Smith & Wesson, an AK-47 or a Glock-9. These firearms can be a threat, but Satan's leading approach is a bit more subtle. In fact, it is user-friendly. Humanity's worst enemy has instant access to our young ones via the Internet. Not only is the access immediate but it is also dangerously intimate,” says Pastor Weston.

Containing, “The assortment of targets on Satan's hit list is an urgent matter. He is no respecter of persons, thus, all of our children are at risk. Whether in the ‘hood’ or in a gated community guarded by the Secret Service, no child is free from satanic assault. The devil has a wide range of possibilities and he aims to maximize all of them. Again, no child is free from destruction or even from death.”

The book initially covers seven major online hazards; pornography, social networking, Internet predators, video social networking, cyber-bullying, online gaming and net-banging. To assist parents in their fight back against Satan, Pastor Weston lists pertinent Government agencies that can be contacted if safety is compromised, as well as an extensive list of online and IM slang to help parents decipher their child’s online activities.

“Years ago, when parents sent children to their rooms it meant punishment. Nowadays, the script has flipped. Instead of punishment correcting behavior, a computer with Internet access is exposing our children to danger. These hazards are serious threats to their welfare and America can no longer idly stand by and watch the Devil murder our kids. My book will help parents protect their children by showing parents how they cover their tracks on the Internet and on their computers. The time to act is now,” Pastor Weston adds.

With the book’s popularity set to increase, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies as soon as possible.

‘Untangling Satan’s Web World Wide’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1bB10SW.

For more information, visit: http://1millionsafe.org

About the Author: Pastor Weston
Pastor Weston is a preacher and motivational speaker who uses his life experiences to challenge and charge his listeners. He not only speaks to youth; he addresses parents and youth leader as well, because he understands that a seed sown in a young individual’s life is only as powerful as the reinforcement and cultivation surrounding it. He has a progressive vision for youth in America and his message embodies a genuine passion to offer positive ‘alternatives’ to mainstream directives.