Expert SEO Corp Introduces a Platform Where All Rare Unturned Item ID's Can Be Searched


Calgary, AB -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/12/2017 -- In order to enhance the Unturned gaming experience, all sorts of vehicles, regular and rare items have been collected and put into one website. holds a rather large array of all sorts of items from indie zombie game, Unturned. Collecting items in Unturned is essential to survival and progression.

Fear not because Unturned Item ID has them all. It is "a complete database to find your unturned Item ID in the game.This includes helicopters, cars and jeep IDs and more. Moreover, the website is updated daily, getting the newest IDs of items just for you."

Each item in Unturned serves an important purpose and is important to the character's survival in the game. For example, the Bottled Water "is an uncommon item that can be used to help replenish your thirst". The Medikit is "a rare item that can be used to restore some of your blood. It also stops bleeding and fixes any broken legs". The Green Berries are "a common item that can be used to slightly replenish your thirst and hunger" and so on.

Thanks to Unturned Item, all these items and their IDs are listed. Plus, the website is updated daily with new items.

About Unturned
Designed and programmed by Nelson Sexton and developed by Smartly Dressed Games, Unturned is among the most popular games on Steam. According to the game's Wikipedia page, "as of December 2016, Unturned had a user rating of 92% positive from 243,000 users, on Steam".

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