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Unusual Perspective Unveiled in New Fiction Book Recently Launched on Amazon

A new and unusual explanation of extraterrestrial involvement promises to alter your paradigm on environmental concerns, history…maybe even religion.


Mountain View, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/14/2014 -- Humankind has long labored and debated with speculation about the origin and purpose of UFOs and extraterrestrials. But how many times has it been explained by an actual extraterrestrial? Well, now readers can discover just such an explanation in this new fiction book by Bruce Carnahan, "The HARVEST of PLANET EARTH" . The book just had its official release on

Meet Tom Nolan, a city boy whose aspiration of escaping to the innocence of small town America is forever lost one unholy night on a secluded country road, as he is forced into a seemingly impossible encounter with a mysterious stranger who reveals catastrophic evidence that alters reality. Find out how Tom is involuntarily recruited after he and his friend, Rube DiAngelo, were just knocking around the countryside in a rusty old pickup truck and managed to bump into a UFO.

“Riding shotgun with Tom in his best friend's beat up pickup is one of the most unforgettable trips a reader is ever going to take! But Carnahan is a great storyteller and his brilliance is in making so dang plausible the most incredible story you're likely to hear; and like other amazing scary stories that blend horror, sci-fi, and wit, HOPE (the acronym is just plain mean) offers an explanation for existence that I don't want to believe... in a lightening quick book I dare you to put down. Great read!!!”

--Steven L Johnson

What if the end of the world really isn’t the end? What if the truth about angels isn’t so angelic? Or the Rapture not so rapturous? Reincarnation may not quite be what most think it is, either. Or even religion for that matter. And why would environmentalism and the global warming movements have underlying agendas that are actually extraterrestrial in origin? What if humans were transplanted here from somewhere else for diabolical reasons? Carnahan weaves all these disclosures and more into the story, tying them all together in a sinister master plan which may have resulted in thousands of accounts of alien abduction. This is the story of one such abduction that ends with an explanation, an imparting of knowledge: the reason extraterrestrials visit this planet and what they want.

If one has ever been fascinated by history, angels, the global warming movement, alien abductions, religion, the Rapture or reincarnation…they owe it to themselves to find out how all these are tied together in one unexpected, sinister plot in this explosive new work of fiction by Bruce Carnahan, The HARVEST of PLANET EARTH.

To learn more, visit the book’s facebook page (don’t forget to “like” it) where you can view an impressive video trailer . Paperback and kindle versions are available at: Available in ebook only at Apple iBookstore, Barnes & Noble, Sony Reader Store, Kobo, Smashwords, Flipkart, Oyster, the Diesel eBook Store and Baker & Taylor.

About Bruce Carnahan
Bruce Carnahan is a writer who has written feature articles appearing in multiple newspapers, screenplays and sitcom episodes. This is his second book. He has also driven 18 wheelers cross country and been a minister, door to door salesman, puppeteer and actor.