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Up to 2 Billion Smartphone Users Expected by the End of 2016: Ranking Solutions Comments


Burnley, Lancashire -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/04/2016 -- Recent statistics released by IDC have drawn attention to the growing global use of Smartphones and in turn the importance of businesses with an online element realising the importance of Smartphone audiences. Figures show that by the end of 2016, more than 2 billion people are expected to be regularly using Smartphones or tablets. Smartphones are devices which allow the user to keep in touch with others, as well as offering a number of online applications or 'apps'. In turn, there is increasing pressure for businesses to ensure that their facilities – such as their websites – are Smartphone friendly; as users of this technology are composing an increasingly significant audience.

Therefore 2016 could be considered the year where effective online business matters more than ever. This is solidified through a separate statement, IDC disclosed, that an estimated 44% of the total world population will have access to both broadband and mobile internet this year. Thus the best websites will be capable of dealing with both desktop, mobile and Smartphone audiences; something industry expert Ranking Solutions was keen to comment on:

"The statistics show that a significant number of potential consumers are now on the internet, with many of these being Smartphone-savvy. What is essential to carry this forward as a positive business trend, is for businesses to ensure that they have websites which appeal on phone and desktop alike. Here at Ranking Solutions that's why we provide full development and design services which can transform your online presence and make it accessible to these big audiences."

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