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Up to 30% More Plant Growth Can Be Achieved Through Hydroponics: Bradford Hydroponics Comments


Bradford, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/29/2015 -- According to a recently conducted professional study, between 20-30% more plant growth can be achieved when vegetation is grown using hydroponic systems rather than conventional soil cultivation methods. Hydroponics is an innovative method of growing plants, which rather than using a solid base, uses water and a nutrient solution. Therefore not only is there a key benefit in hydroponics because it allows for more growth, but its use of solution rather than soil can save space and resource constraints – making it a highly efficient choice. It is anticipated that the method will rise in commercial as well as personal popularity over the coming years.

The search for increased efficiency in growing and farming is continuous, and hydroponics is set to play a key role. It is a method which streamlines the growing process as well as allowing for larger yields. This is of great potential benefit to developing countries with poor soils, such as in Africa.

Hydroponics is not only playing a role in commercial farming, but it is seeing a rise in domestic use too. It allows keen growers, especially of fruit and vegetables to turn their hand to bumper crops all year round. The controlled nature of hydroponics, which involves special light and nutrient conditions, allows for plants to be grown out of season and maintained well.

Eager to comment on the rising popularity and benefit of hydroponics is Bradford Hydroponics. The company is a prominent name in the industry ad a spokesperson had this to say:

"The released statistics regarding improved growth for the hydroponic method adds to the already strong list of benefits associated with the process. In the busy modern world with increasing food demands, it is a highly convenient way to grow. That is why we take pride in providing an extensive range of equipment at affordable prices."

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