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Up to a Third of Young Care Leavers Living in Unsuitable Accommodation? The Legal Team Comments


Doncaster, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/24/2015 -- According to a recent report by the Department for Education, many young care leavers are living in unsuitable accommodation. The findings, published in their official 2013-14 data, showed that of the 151 local authorities in England, 15 admitted that at least one third of care leavers were living in conditions which did not fulfil the official 'suitable' criteria. This includes young care leavers being allocated bed and breakfast accommodation for extended periods of time, and shelters which do not adequately fulfil their needs.

The issue was recently covered by the Radio 4 documentary series 'File on Four' and highlighted that at a local level, accommodation provisions for young care leavers is severely lacking in some areas.

The Legal Team often considers cases regarding public law and is highly experienced in the field. They are also frequent commentators on related news and were quick to reflect on the recent findings regarding young care leavers.

"The statistics suggest that although a majority of young people may be placed in suitable accommodation after leaving care, there is still a significant number whose needs are not being met. This places potentially vulnerable people into accommodation which is not appropriate, safe or supportive – and as such, is a breach of local authorities duty of care. Local Authorities hold a legal duty to have plans in place for post 16-year-olds, to ensure they are properly housed and have support in place. They are responsible for making sure these young adults get the services they need.

Anyone affected by a local authority decision that they believe was not in their best interests, is advised to seek appropriate legal support."

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