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Up, Up and Away: New Book Showcases Small Town Selfishness, Greed and Corruption.

Richard Corbett’s new bookis proof that, in the real-world, people will do anything to stop others from achieving their dreams.


Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/04/2013 -- For thousands of America’s small towns, big-town politics hamper the progress of eager entrepreneurs on a daily basis. Proving this concept in a compelling new literary light, author Richard Corbett takes readers on a journey into one man’s dream in his latest book.

‘Up, Up and Away’ is a microcosm of the challenges that thousands of American entrepreneurs are left to endure.


“Fighting the Good Fight

Have you ever had a problem and you just couldn’t get it solved? When you feel like you’re making a difference, do more roadblocks seem to be placed in your way? Do you believe that no matter what you do, someone is always trying to hinder your progress?

Well, you’re not alone, and this book will make you appreciate that no matter how hard you try, how much money you spend, and how many allies you have on your side, you may never exceed your goal due to the people who will do anything to prevent you from achieving your dreams.

This is a story of selfishness, greed, and corruption in a small California town that has had its share of negative press over the years. In his quest to own a flight school and fuel facility to help a local community, entrepreneur Richard Corbett endured the most frustrating situations. He did everything the city asked of him—including countless unreasonable items on top of an already lengthy process. The motto of the city and a select few who got in the way was: how long can Mr. Corbett last before he runs out of money?

This is a harrowing tale of someone trying to do right but continually butting up against multiple roadblocks that will make the reader cringe at every turn.”

As the author explains, his story represents the thousands of Americans who are frequently forced to balance their dreams with the dampening nature of human greed.

“This book tells the story of the classic American small town that battles with big-town politics,” says Corbett.

Continuing, “The story is truly what happens to the 'little guy' when he tries to do well and expand his business to provide choice for his customers.”

Critics praise Corbett for taking a slice of real life and showcasing it in unique literary form. However, for Corbett, his book serves as solace for those who struggle to achieve their best.

“Many people who feel that they will never achieve the dreams also battle with the isolation this frustration brings. I want them to know that they are not alone; someone with the same tribulations could literally be living next door!” he adds.

‘Up, Up and Away’, published by Amazon Digital Services, can be purchased from: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00AQ1V8EA

The book will soon be available on Nook, as well as in print.

About Richard Corbett
Richard is currently living in Las Vegas, where he flies for a major airline and serves in the USAF Reserves as a pilot. He also owns several businesses and is involved in various charity organizations. He still enjoys consulting others in their entrepreneur ventures and is always looking for that next opportunity.