Upcoming Traditional Furniture Trends of 2013


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/04/2013 -- With so much of Modern furniture being created in last four decades, Traditional furniture has been very persistent in keeping its attention in the market and dollar spent. Time has seen a lot of changes in the traditional furniture pieces usage. Some of these changes have been due to change in ecosystem, evolving needs and increased awareness to conservation.

Oak furniture has made a strong comeback in the furniture market and has replaced old and popular pine furniture. The beauty of the oak made furniture is that it can be applied to both the traditional as well as the modern setting. It is very transitional in nature. Among all the types of oak, North American is of the highest quality. One of the popular collections by Bernhardt, Monterey features quartered Oak Veneers in silver oak. It comes with the west coast flair and modern influence.

French furniture is currently getting very popular these days. It is being modified and recreated for match the today’s lifestyle requirements. Continuing the legacy of the renaissance period, Furniture with French undertones is very transitional in nature. Not only are they being crafted in different colors but also curved to match the designs from the Louis and Regency periods. Bon Maison by Bernhardt is one such collection. It is casual traditional collection inspired by antiques having French subtle design.

Vintage Traditional furniture is also making a stronger appearance these days for various reasons. Vintage Furniture is not only more eco-friendly for lack of use of non-toxic finishes but also using inherited vintage furniture saves it from going to landfills. These pieces are extremely durable and have survived for so many years. They also have the nostalgia effect that you grew up seeing those pieces when you were a kid. Bernhardt has just come up with a collection called Vintage patina catering to buyers who want new furniture with vintage look.

The modern technology and the gadgets are making their way in to traditional furniture pieces. The entertainment centers are changing to accommodate the LCD and LED panel TVs. Hammary has also come up with a TV Easel to clamp such flat screen devices. It is portable and very functional in nature. The nightstands are coming with URB ports to charge cell phone and Ipods. Some of the roll tops desks have room enough to keep your laptops and Ipads.

Some of the bigger traditional furniture pieces are shrinking in profile. As commuting becomes more and more painful, people are moving towards home offices. To cater to those needs, traditional furniture companies are coming up with company writing desks. These designs are changing to accommodate the shrinking living space as well. With smaller rooms, more streamlined furniture makes sense.

Venetian Furniture, also known as mirrored furniture, in increasingly becoming more and more popular. The glamorous furniture from 1930’s has made a strong comeback. It is visible in range of furniture from mirrored nightstands, vanity sets to coffee tables and dining tables. Jessica Mcclintock Collection by American Drew features a lot of mirrored pieces in their dining room and bedroom sets.

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