Upcycled & Vintage Fashion Boutique Otter Pawps Launches Indiegogo Fundraiser to Benefit Its Namesake-- A Cat Named Otter.

Help a senior rescue cat be safely transported to her new home; incentives are cat-inspired new and upcycled clothing.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/21/2014 -- A very sassy, vocal, and unabashedly bizarre cat named Otter was eight years old when she was rescued by Otter Pawps Shawp proprietor Kate. after being fostered by Kate's vet-tech sister. Otter is now 17, and has been an awesome purrer and supporter for Kate through several of her own human health problems, the latest round of which has gone on for about a year. Therefore, it's time to move so Kate can get some more help. After being sick for a year, Kate doesn't have a few spare grand to rent a RV and move her elderly, not-approved-for-air-travel cat across the United States.

Otter Pawps Shawp is a fun little Etsy shop, specializing in Vintage and other various recycled fashion, such as hand-dyed designs. Kate has focused on four new designs exclusive to her Indiegogo campaign to make some one of a kind upcycled, ethical and eco friendly clothing.

At present, Kate requires to raise about $2500 to rent a RV, and about $3,000 for gas. The additional funds needed are to cover shipping costs and additional materials for the incentives.

The incentives make great gifts for the green friendly, eco chic, cheezburger nomming, Jackson Galaxy watching, ladies and gentleman who are making "crazy cat people" a hot thing now. Upcycled clothes are prefect for the socially conscious; the semi-customizable options are great for an element of surprise-- but not too much surprise!

This campaign started on Apr 25 and will close on June 06, 2014 (11:59pm PT).

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