UpdateNode - Software Update and Messaging System Now Available to Keep Customers Informed

Keeping customers up to date has always been a problem for software developers but now with the help of UpdateNode, keeping customers up to date is no longer a problem


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/22/2014 -- One of the biggest problems faced by software developers and program managers is the communication with the customer. For a long time now customers who purchase software for personal use or for their business have complained at the lack of communication they receive, this involves communication about software updates and communication about problems that could be faced. With the poor communication skills, software developers are finding they are losing customers who are unimpressed with the customer service they are being given and not being kept informed of security fixes and updates. Now that problem has been tackled in the form of UpdateNode, the software Update and Messaging system that keeps customers update to date with news, announcements and software updates.

UpdateNode is a long awaited solution to the communication problem with customers. It offers a simplified way of communicating with customers on updates and product news and can be used to generate new business by announcing new products that are available.

The messaging service, which is a simple way to integrate fully automatic updates into a product, will help keep hold of customers instead of losing them. The software company can remotely control the software by deploying new features and upgrades to their customers.

A lot of software companies are currently notifying their customers of updates through email, unfortunately most update emails get ignored or end up in the spam folder, which means customers could be running old software or unprotected software that urgently needs a security fix. If a customer is not using an updated version of the software then they could be missing out on important changes including security changes that could put their system at risk, this is why communication in the correct manner is important.

The UpdateNode service has been developed to make it user friendly, allowing for updates to be done in a few steps. UpdateNode, which is compatible with all devices including tablets and smart phones, will allow the user to monitor their product usage with a set of clever tools.

A spokesman for UpdateNode explained the importance of using the new customer communication package

He said: “In order to provide your customers a high level of quality, you should regularly provide new versions with bug fixes, new features and adaptions on new systems. Of course you can also send an email to all your customers notifying them that new software is available. Based on experience, most of such emails get ignored, or customers only install them when the application is already behaving wrong. Whereas a notification about a new software update inside your application offers your customers an automated way to update the software.”

The UdpateNode service does not only help make sure that customers have the up to date software, it also allows for the reduction in support calls and allows software developers to tackle any problems with their packages by monitoring the product usage through UpdateNode.

Customer service is very important with any product or service, and by using the UpdateNode, a software development company can make sure their customer service is second to none.

UpdateNode Client is an Open Source client, already localized in Chinese, English, German, Japanese, Spanish and Russian, pre-built for Windows, Mac and Linux.

UpdateNode is available now and users can create a free account and start a 30-day full trail on

About UpdateNode
UpdateNode offers a simplified solution to communicating with customers who need to be kept in formed of updates and important information