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Upgraded League of Legends Riot Points Generator Available for Free


Brasov, Romania -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/28/2014 -- All League of Legends players from across the United States of America and Europe went into a frenzy when the new League of Legends Riot Points Generator was introduced. The brand new improvised version of generator was surprisingly free to be used and downloaded by any number of players without any limitation.

The free riot points was actually the only legitimate generator that actually did what it promised to do. There are several alternatives out there but none has been able to deliver as guaranteed. The number of LoL players downloading this generator bears testimony to this simple fact. When it was first available for free, players across the globe were initially apprehensive about it. The promotions made on social networking sites like Facebook, twitter, YouTube, etc got people to see that it actually works. Today, a majority of the LoL players use this generator as opposed to the other alternatives. An average player spends about 8 hours to generate 10,000 RP while with the help of the free riot points one can easily generate it in a matter of 2 hours. It can actually complete all the LoL champions with a single one.

The changes have been made in such a way that the regular player will not have to spend time trying to clear through the complications to get the benefit. The only changes for the player is the user interface, which has been upgraded with top quality graphics. It has also fixed some of the minor errors and bugs that slowed down the game playing. The changes may be minor but the resultant difference is major and it has helped the player to pick up speed. This new upgraded version will be one of the fastest riot points generators today, reducing the time limit to half while generating the points to any League of Legends account. For more information please go to

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