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Upper East Side, NYC French Bistro: Bistro61 Announces Autumn Menu


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/30/2013 -- Executive Chef, Adil Fawzi, of award winning French Bistro – Bistro 61, (, 1113 First Avenue, @61 Street, New York, New York (NYC’s Upper East Side ) is known throughout NYC for his praised bistro menu and also for his innate understanding of fresh ingredients to create authentic seasonal French cuisine. Today, Chef Adil, announced his anticipated Autumn menu which can be found here: .

Chef Adil’s mantra has long been is, “Eat local. Eat what’s in season. Eat organic. Drink French wine”.

When asked about the benefits of seasonal ingredients, Chef Adil stated, “When food is not in season locally, it is either grown in a hot-house or shipped in from other parts of the world. If I purchase non-season food the taste is skewed, the nutrients are deteriorated and it is absolutely not the flavors I am trying to impart in the dishes I create.”

Chef Adil also stated, “ I want my restaurant patrons to taste the pleasure of food at its ripest. It is a culinary experience that I am known for. The patrons who frequent my restaurant expect the freshest ingredients in my French Bistro food. My daily specials always sell-out because they are truly the freshest, locally sourced. Daily we receive calls from eager epicureans asking us what the daily bistro special is of the day.  Offering seasonal menus also ensures that I offer variety year-round which my regulars really look forward to.”

Highlights from Bsitro61’s autumn daily menu special include dishes prepared with butternut squash, pumpkin, and chanterelles. Duck magret, wild boar stew, and various venison preparations are also a highlight.

When asked about customer favorites the Chef responded, “We are very well known and popular in NYC for our moules frites (mussels & fries) and I am happy to announce a new  moules frites selection is now on the menu: Thai coconut curry moules frites. We are also a very popular brunch bistro on the Upper East Side. Our Bistro Burger is always in high demand. ”

The Upper East Side, NYC, restaurant is open for lunch, brunch, and for dinner and features an ever-changing seasonal menu utilizing fresh and locally-sourced foods and herbs. Bistro 61 is also known for an extensive wine list, stunning platted authentic French Bistro offerings, and relaxed and personal atmosphere. The restaurant has been locally owned and operated by since inception.

Contact Information
1113 First Avenue
@61 Street
New York, NY 10065
T: (212) 223-6220