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Uppgroup Inc and Drive Products Enter New Keyword Technology Agreement


Grand Forks, BC -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/03/2016 -- Drive Products, one of Canada's leading truck equipment suppliers, today enters a new keyword technology agreement with Uppgroup Inc. to boost the depth and scale of the visibility in the online market for their BigMax cranes products.

Recently Drive Products has taken over the BigMax crane line up.

BIGMAX cranes were introduced at a time when the small crane market was growing and expanding. Initially four models, the TC100, 130, 200 and 300 were offered to represent the most popular models on the market at that time. However, it quickly became apparent that more models were needed to fill in the gaps between the existing sizes, and, most of all there was a demand for a larger crane with more hydraulic reach. Three larger BIGMAX models were introduced within three years: the TC160, TC260 and the TC350.4. At the time the 350.4 had the longest hydraulic boom on the market.

BIGMAX TC-Series Cranes are compact and versatile with strong yet light-weight boom construction. These cranes come in 7 models that can safely lift up to 5,300 pounds with hydraulic extensions up to 19.5 feet.

The small telescopic cranes are rugged and easy to install and operate. The compact design means minimum mounting and stowage space required so they can be mounted on small trucks including flat bed trucks, service body trucks and van interiors, as well as on trailers, docks and boats.

The task of Uppgroup Inc. is to actively work on the development of the online visibility, exposure as well as boosting the depth and scale of the visibility in the online market for BigMax.

Merv Carlson, Uppgroup Inc President, had this to say: "We've been using keyword technology for years to help business professionals in every type of field achieve higher search engine rankings than the traditional methods used. The new keyword technology agreement aims at boosting the visibility of Drive Products and BIGMAX cranes in the online market as well as reaching out to a wider coverage. With the increase in the online exposure, we ensure that they are readily found online globally."

About Drive Products
Drive Products has over 25 years of experience supplying truck equipment. Competitive product prices and exceptional customer service are what make the company one of the leading truck equipment suppliers in Canada.

About Uppgroup Inc.
Uppgroup Inc is a global leader in Keyword Technology specializing in search engine ranking and web design. Since 1996 we have provided companies with partnering and search engine ranking services designed to achieve unparalleled positioning. Uppgroup is a web project management and keyword technology firm, with sub divisions in advanced marketing and product sales and promotion.

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