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Urban Indo Adds New Section to Site for Their Own Top Picks of the Current Market

Urban Indo has now created a new seal of approval given to the best properties currently listed on their site, enabling people to find the best opportunities straight from the homepage.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/13/2014 -- Indonesia is one of the most important trade centers in the world as China becomes the world’s leading superpower and the center of gravity for business and commerce begins to shift permanently eastward. As such, many people are looking to invest in properties in the region both for business and residential purposes. UrbanIndo allows people to look for properties and offers a great deal more than just the bare essentials, with a new feature that now brings the best of their listings to the forefront as chosen by their own editors.

The section, known as Urban Indo Pick, showcases the most exciting new additions to the website with a featured thumbnail image, guide price and vital information which can then be clicked to discover more about the property. This comes as an expansion on the blog, “properti disewa urbanindo”, which posts editors’ observations on property trends and more.

The listings on Urban Indo have long been how the website has exceled, with a detailed rundown of all the features of the property together with a high quality image gallery and even information on the trend of property values in the area to give potential buyers a better negotiating standpoint.

A spokesperson for Urban Indo explained, “Urban Indo is one of the biggest and certainly the best real estate website in Indonesia, and as a result we have no shortage of properties to offer our users. However, with so many to choose from many people want a little help in finding the best deal. In order to help them do that, we now have a series of editor’s picks, scoured out from among the new daily listings, which are considered outstanding in their particular type, be it commercial, residential or industrial. The system is our way of guiding to people more quickly to what they are looking for.”

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