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Urban Music Blog, the SNS Nightlife, Launches National Promotion Platform for Unsigned Artists from D.C., MD & VA

Having developed a fierce reputation for bringing the region’s latest Hip Hop, Go-Go and Reggae headlines under one digital roof, The SNS Nightlife (http://thesnsnightlife.com) is today announcing a massive opportunity for local unsigned artists. Gearing up to attract a growing online audience and even talent scouts from the West Coast, artists from the ‘DMV’ have an outlet to put themselves on the map.


Washington, DC -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/25/2013 -- While many instantly link California with an abundance of unsigned yet hugely-talented urban music artists, The SNS Nightlife has boldly proven that the East Coast’s potential is just as a strong. Having become the go-to place for headlines and news about artists in D.C., MD & VA (known to site users as the ‘DMV’), the blog is today announcing its intentions to show the nation and the world just how powerful urban talent really is.

Openings its doors to highly motivated and locally successful Hip Hop, Go-Go and Reggae artists in the region, The SNS Nightlife (http://thesnsnightlife.com) is in the process of building one of the biggest libraries of artist videos, features and music reviews, each hand-picked by the site’s Owner and Editor, , Sarah McLeod.

Already promoting a number of local artists from the Hip Hop, Neo-Soul and Dancehall Reggae genres, McLeod is currently on the lookout for new passionate music makers to join the ranks and flaunt their potential.

“The DC area is a barely-tapped market for hip hop artists. It has been brought to my attention that L.A based labels specifically are interested in what D.C. has to offer but due to the distance and lack of connections, scouting has been limited,” says McLeod.

Continuing, “I would like to be a go-to for the artists and the labels. Also, reggae has a HUGE international market with top Jamaican billboard reggae artists doing phenomenal things in Europe including multi-national touring and launching TV shows. I have found that people who sit on the Grammy awards committees do not even know these artists exist. I want to give them exposure to the wider American music scene.”

Aside from promotion via The SNS Nightlife website (http://thesnsnightlife.com), artists may also be chosen to be featured on the blog’s popular Facebook, Twitter and Linked In social networking channels. Many of the articles on The SNS Nightlife (http://thesnsnnightlife.com) also cross publish to digital resources, Yahoo Voices!, Forever DC and The Wickedest Time. By benefiting from the power of social media’s sharing model, McLeod is quick to point out the opportunities literally are endless.

“We’re working solidly to grow our blog’s web audience, but we must also focus on the power of social media. One click of a button is all it takes to spread the word – so the artists chosen by us have a great opportunity to get known farther afield and make their mark on music history,” she adds.

While the site’s new promotional platform is tipped for centre-stage success, The SNS Nightlife will continue to share the DMV’s latest urban music headlines.

For more information, to contact McLeod or to follow the site’s featured artists, visit: http://thesnsnightlife.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/snsnightlife

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheSNSNightlife

About Sarah McLeod
Sarah McLeod grew up around the production of music thanks to her older brother, Elihu Morris, a Boston-based reggae singer who toured the world opening for renowned artists such as Gregory Isaac, Dennis Brown and Marcia Griffiths. At the behest of her parents, she gravitated her attentions more toward academics but the longing to be a part of the execution of music always lingered. She embraced the independence of early adulthood by cutting her teeth on the challenges of road management of a now defunct hip-hop group.

Two college degrees and many years later, Sarah simply dubs herself a Writer. She understands the values of first party data and using music to keep the messages of “looked over people” relevant. Read just one of her music reviews for a full comprehension of the execution of sound. She wants her readers to hear what she hears. Over time those same reviews have come to be fully appreciated by artists, producers, deejays, and record label owners alike. She is approached constantly with requests for interviews and music reviews. Her opinion is held in high regard.

When she came up with the idea for The SNS Nightlife (http://thesnsnightlife.com), she dreamt of creating a virtual umbrella for all urban music. Sarah credits her Jamaican heritage and American upbringing for the full fruition of this dream.