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Urban Music Composer Habib Marwane Needs Help in Producing His First Professional R&B Single


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/17/2013 -- Music is food for soul. It has the capability to evoke certain emotions in everyone, moreover, music is probably the greatest artist portrayal of  one’s emotions, feelings and words. Unfortunately, now a days the wave of commercialization in the music industry has somewhat dulled the effects of music, that the golden era of the 8o’s and the 90’s used to have.

Habib Marwane, an ambitious urban music composer and writer of Hip Hop R&B and Dance tracks is trying to revive the great feeling 80’s and the 90’s Hip Hop and R&B music used to have through his original composition, a song named "Pure Love". He wants to produce his song and introduce it to the world, specially the US music industry and for this he is depending on other people’s love for good music, compassion and generosity to help raise $6000, to pay for the production, promotion, retail, advertising and other expense needed to make his dream a reality.

Habib Marwane is a self taught music composer, his love for creating music started 12 years ago, he learned to compose and write music by listening to good music and practicing with the tools he could afford at the time. His dream project "Pure Love", started its life 9 years ago on Habib’s Pentium II, an old music software and many after school evenings. Sadly, Habib has not been able to realize his dream due to the unsuitable conditions of Senegal’s music industry. This has propelled Habib to seek out bigger and more receptive markets such as the European, US, Canadian and Asian music industries.

The money raised through this crowd funding activity will allow this young African musician to start his journey to win over the US music industry ruled by A-Class music moguls and make a name for himself, his style of music and his Country.

The Funding Breakdown, to produce this R&B track Habib requires $ 6,000 which will be used as follows:

- $ 3,000 for music production (Will record the song with US based Live musicians and vocalists)
- $ 500 for website building and maintenance
- $ 1,500 for promotion, advertising and online retail distribution
- $1,000 for legal, admin and artwork fees
- Any contribution exceeding the requested amount will be used in advertising.

People who show extreme generosity and donate $100 or more to the fund will receive amazing perks in return for their kindhearted act. Furthermore, people who cannot support this cause through donations can give Habib a helping hand by sharing his dream with other people.

To donate and learn more about Habib Marwane’s ambition please visit:

Contact: Habib Marwane