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California City, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/09/2013 -- “With our time tested and loyal team each homeowner is not just contracting with a company, but with a tight-knit family of landscape” is the sentiment around this California based landscape contractor.

Landscape projects taken up by Urban Landscape are projects that stick to the homeowner’s vision, but at the same time have a unique touch of architectural and aesthetic expertise that is hard to find with any other landscape contractor. This company delivers versatility in every project it takes up and every element of landscaping is dealt with the highest standards of professionalism.

Urban Landscape is based out of Newport Beach which is perhaps one of the most promising real estate locations and has exceptional commercial as well as residential potential. Being in the midst of all the activity and buzz, the company actually got a chance to experience growth and incorporate ideas that relate with current day design needs. Newport Beach is also a home to many fortune 500 companies many of which have had the pleasure of working with this exceptional landscape contractor firm.

Urban landscape has worked very closely in analyzing and meeting the demographic needs of Newport Beach. Since the folks in this part of California are very particular in terms of design ideas and their execution, the team from Urban has put in a lot of effort by paying close attention to detail and giving each project a touch of artistic excellence.

What makes this company a highly preferred landscape contractor in and around Newport Beach, is the fact that the team on board goes out of its way to combine its designing skills with an impressive track record of 25 years in the business to deliver quality that is truly one of a kind. Also, the team works on producing results that are practical, functional and make good use of the space available.

About Urban Landscape
Urban Landscape has been a landscape contractor for designing pools, patios, creating marvelous outdoor spaces and a variety of other projects that demand design expertise. Customers can view these projects and their respective pictures on ‘projects gallery’, a special review page on the company’s website http://urbanlandscape.com/. Customers can also take this time to get in touch with the design experts and contact them for a consultation.