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UrPerfectLife Is Introducing a Powerball Loser as an Inspirational Leader


Simi Valley, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/18/2016 -- Not a lot of people have heard of Bobby James, mainly because he has never been a Powerball winner, including the most recent drawing worth 999 million dollars. The good news is, despite being such a "loser" for so many Decades, Bobby has turned his attention to "Causing a Ripple that will inspire the Masses". This is a process he calls The Inspirational Vortex™.

Like many would be Entrepreneurs, Bobby struggled with success for over 30 years through one failed home based business after another, resulting in 8 months of Major Depression in 2014. Despite his circumstances, friends and colleagues say "It never showed". Lisa F., a long time friend of Bobby's, says "You Always Inspire Me, It's what You Do". Karen Rudolf, a Speaker, Coach and Mentor to Bobby, says "He Is a Vortex!! An Inspirational Speaker who is causing quite an effect in the world".

Bobby calls himself "The Architect of The Inspirational Vortex™" because; as He puts it "I didn't invent this stuff!" It is a Process that is all around us AND learning from Wallace Wattles to "Act in a Certain Way AND Think in a Certain Way, this is a Miracle Process that Happened FOR Me!" Bobby offers a 2 hour workshop to train people to understand and utilize the 4 key elements in Creating this Inspirational Vortex™.

The 4 Key Elements are:

1. Gratitude – A Deep, Soul felt gratitude for what We have AND what we Know we Will Receive.

2. A Clear Mental Image – Of what We want Our Life to look like

3. Unwavering Faith – The kind of Faith that says "I Already Have it"

4. Action – Once we Create what We want in our Minds, We Must take steps toward Our Desired Life. This attracts the Creative ideas, people, things and income required to realize our goals.

About UrPerfectLife
Bobby's Purpose, Vision AND Mission are Best described in the name of his company, UrPerfectLife. He works with Entrepreneurs, Companies, Sales Teams and others who are struggling with frustration and depression.

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