U.S. Based Somya.us Launches an Alternative to Tobacco Smoking


Akron, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/07/2013 -- TREAT, the American made, tobacco-free, nicotine-free, chemical-free, non-addicting, purely-herbal imitation cigarettes, treats the habit & taste of tobacco smokers

If one is desirous of smoking that does not cause addiciton...

If one needs to smoke, but without the consequences of tobacco or nicotine on health...

If one has given up on other quit-smoking-methods on the market today...

Then, they must attend to this: North America based Somya.us has launched TREAT – the first and only, all-herbal cigarette with no nicotine, tobacco, chemicals, artificial additives or man-made flavors. TREAT cigarettes are all-natural, purely-herbal, non-addicting, and delectably-satisfying.

And there is no competing product! TREAT herbal smokes are the only one of their kind existing today.

TREAT helps smokers stop smoking

Treat is meant to help cigarette smokers quit their habit. In this respect, TREAT cigarretes are absolutely free of addicting ingredients. TREAT are imitation cigarettes, which have absolutely no added chemical ingredients, nicotine or tobacco and contain only time-tested pure herbs.

TREAT keeps the smoking habit alive as long as a smoker wants, while he/she tries to quit tobacco, which makes it much easier to quit addictive cigarettes.

The pure pleasure of smoking all-natural ingredients

Nicotine is one of the most dangerous ingredients in tobacco cigarettes, among several others. But TREAT smokers do not have to fear the carcinogenic and other harmful effects of nicotine, such as addiction. TREAT purely-herbal-cigarette is a naturopathic smoking cessation aid. This herbal remedy is an all natural means to stop smoking cigarettes, which inherit nicotine and several chemicals plus artificial additives.

TREAT’s ingredients comprise cardamom, bay leaves, ajowan caraway, ginger, fenugreek, turmeric, licorice, and honey. All these are more precious than tobacco, quite exotic in taste, deliciously aromatic and leave a soothing after-taste.

Added benefits of smoking TREAT

The herbal smoking composition of TREAT is a product of tireless research and development. When ingested properly, pristine herbal ingredients of TREAT bring several health benefits to their consumers according to the Herbal pharmacopeias. These effects originate from their digestive, carminative, antiemetic, analgesic, antibacterial, expectorant, nutritive, restorative, and rejuvenative qualities.

Smoking herbs, an unusual habit because of cost-prohibitive procurement and processing of ingredients until today, may transmit to smokers the beneficial qualities of the herbs smoked. TREAT smokers get added benefits when it pacifies the mind or soothes the nerves.

Made in USA

The tobacco-free, all-natural and purely-herbal TREAT smokes are made in Ohio, USA.

About Somya.us
The manufacturer of this product, Somya.us, based in Ohio, U.S.A., subscribes to the philosophy that smoking of herbs, which are useful when orally ingested, will help smokers wean off their tobacco habit. Somya.us endeavors to live up to an ancient saying that clarity of mind, throat, chest and sense organs, and lightness of mind are features of correct smoking. Somya.us believes that smoking TREAT will help smokers quit their tobacco habit since none of the ingredient-herbs of its imitation cigarettes have any addicting potential. TREAT indeed treats the habit of tobacco smokers.

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