US Citizen's Wife of Four Years Is Being Deported While Still in a Coma


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/02/2012 -- 2012 Rocio Almanza was subject to a seizure that left her incapacitated and unresponsive. Despite multiple tests including brain biopsies and spinal taps, doctors have maintained that they do not know what has caused her ailments.

Rocio is currently in an intensive care unit at Banner Desert Medical Center and although she is unconscious, dependent on medication and a feeding tube the medical staff has decided to discharge her from the hospital. Due to her legal status she is being deported to Mexico for treatment.

She has been married to a US Citizen for 2008, but due to bureaucracy they have been unable to obtain her residency status.

“We’ve been married for four years. She’s lived here her entire life. We’ve contributed to the community so much.”, commented Christian Solorio, the husband of Rocio Almanza and current Graduate Student at Arizona State University, “I don’t understand how they can just kick us out while she’s still in a coma.”

Doctors have given her husband Christian Solorio until Monday, December 3, 2012 to have her moved to Mexico.

“It just feels so hopeless.”, Christian Solorio lamented.

Supporters have reached out to Congressman Ed Pastor for assistance and are currently petitioning St. Josephs Hospital for clemency.

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About Rocio Almanza
Rocio Almanza attended Arizona State University and is currently pursuing her nursing degree. She volunteers with the Be A Leader Organization and has been married to a US Citizen since 2008.

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