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U.S Doctoral Candidate Urges Drastic Educational Curriculum Reform.

During her 22 years as a Counselor in the U.S public school and prison systems, M. Suzanne Petitt recognized that the current education curriculum does not meet the needs of approximately 50% of students. Having worked with thousands who fell through this net and ended up exhibiting at-risk behavior and many times ending up incarcerated, Petitt today announces a new hypothesis and curriculum that meets the needs of everyone.


Uxbridge, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/31/2012 -- Following a quarter of a century working as a Counselor in many U.S public schools and prisons, Doctoral Candidate M. Suzanne Petitt has developed a ground-breaking hypothesis. Stating that there are two types of learners; academic and artistic, Petitt believes that the current education curriculum caters only to the former.

“The current system floods students with invalid information in their curriculum that is neither life nor work centered,” says Petitt, who is currently working toward her doctorate in Counseling Psychology.

She continues, “The artistic student consists of all those that are artists, theatrically and athletically oriented. They develop an opinion of themselves which is that they are ‘not good enough', therefore they seek validation elsewhere, usually in gangs and illegal drug use.”

While working within the prisons system, Petitt noticed that every single inmate was ‘artistically talented’ and a product of the education curriculum’s focus on only academically-oriented young people.

To present her compelling hypothesis and provide a blueprint for change, Petitt has recently released a powerful new book – ‘Education: Out of the Box’.

“My book brings us back to reality on what is important for each and every student. I state my case and back it up with research. After I present my case for reform in the curriculum, I suggest a practical curriculum that will benefit every student and stop the growth of at-risk students,” Petitt adds.

Petitt’s suggested reform does not cater only to those who are artistically-inclined. Her research has shown that many of those with academic leanings still leave school with literacy rates that are too low. In fact, with many lacking basic math and reading skills, Petitt’s proposed reform ensures that each and every student graduates from High School with proficient competency in core subjects.

Having discussed her hypothesis with dozens of education and judicial experts, Petitt firmly believes that she is not the only person who noticed this recurring pattern, even though she is the only person openly writing about the topic.

“With all the programs that have been implemented to stop the growth of at-risk behavior in adolescents, the percentage of deviant behavior is growing among students. That is a fact. Therefore, it is time we look at another variable that I believe is causing at-risk behavior and change the curriculum so that it is productive and relevant for each and every student” she concludes.

‘Education: Out of the Box’, published by Booktango, is available from Amazon: http://amzn.to/WUBdyf

Petitt is also available for interviews and speaking engagements.

About the Author
The author draws on 22 years of experience in our public education system in defining this hypothesis and is using this article as a prelude to her book which will include the research of proof.